Monday, July 12, 2010

The biggest problem with the US

The biggest problem with the US is that, on the lowest levels, there is no admission that there can be errors in policing and in the entry level court cases. Human error, or worse, malice isn't accounted for. They assume they are 100% correct. Compensation for wrongful convictions and arrests is rarer than someone being struck by lightning. Although a good number of people are struck by lightning, you are still more likely of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery for prizes above $10,000 and don't ask me to remember the source of that statistic.

There are no checks and balances in current US policing and courts; no, not really. There are addresses and avenues for complaining. But, what happens when you do? Well, for most it is at least police harassment and threats. For others, it is false arrest, and imprisonment, with no hope of having a life again. And, in other cases, it is beatings, terror, and even being driven to suicide or being murdered. Yes, it has gotten that bad in the US.

So, if there is no avenue for allowing for mistakes on the lowest levels, there are absolutely none as you go up their slimy ladder ...

Let's change this.

Maybe less than 1 in 10,00o victims of police misconduct, such as in the case with the State of Connecticut, do this:

Elite Woman faces CT Police Brutality

Text with video:
SvenVonErick | March 13, 2008

Full Version including above segment, found here:

Elite Woman faces CT Police Misconduct


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