Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wall St. manipulation of food markets?

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Capitalism that allows small business start ups and fair markets with ethics can be a good thing. What is reality in the US, is not.

If you take the issue of food and Wall St., a pattern emerges. The family farmer was hung out to dry on the vine with manipulation and corrupt practices. Small business and the individual are under attack. Corporations can have a larger gross than most countries. They have political power, lawyers, thugs on the street, and politicians in their pockets. Corporations should not have the rights of individuals. Corporate money should be completely taken out of OUR GOVERNMENT equation.

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corbettreport | July 22, 2010

Story#1: Food Bubble: How Wall Street Starves Millions & Gets Away With It
Background: Senate Probe Finds Inflated Prices in Wheat Market

Story#2: Oakland Marijuana Law Passes; 'Pot Factories' Coming to Bay Area
Flashback: First US Marijuana Cafe Opens in Portland, Oregon

Story#3: Competing Currency Being Accepted in Michigan
Background: Wikipedia on Alternative Currencies

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Food Bubble, Government Weed, Competing Currencies - New World Next Week

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