Friday, July 16, 2010

Warlord, Inc.

Text with video:
SvenVonErick | July 16, 2010

more info:

I'm asking that Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch be advised of the content of this video. I know that most politicians have staffers put their names on a google alert to notify them of posts and blogs using their names. In the case of Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, if you wrote about her negatively in a news report or blog, you could be placed on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies Arrest on Sight list:

I am asking Congressman Welch to help me propose legislation banning the use of radioactive depleted uranium rounds in warfare. I am also asking for legislation to de-fund war criminals and war corporations. I'm also asking for campaign finance reform whereby elected officials won't have their campaigns paid for by banksters, war corporations, and drug smugglers of cocaine and heroin. The CIA should not be the Opium Kings of the World, enslaving the rest of us, taking away our liberties, and harming us, imprisoning us, torturing us, and even killing us when we get "mouthy".

Should the Department of Defense, the DoD, be using taxpayer money to pay for "protection", paying the Taliban not to attack US Troops?

* * * *

If you are politically active in the way I am above, should you, me, or anybody be put on an arrest on sight list? Should we have bad luck in courts for life? Should we end up in jail, tortured, or killed?

I proposed legislation in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I suggested that youth and teens were allowed to have their lives ruined by drugs and alcohol, to become common criminal parasites arrested as felons, often spending their lives in prison, or dying before their time. This is downtown America.

I had proposed legislation so that police could be allowed to write teens detentions to serve at local schools for infractions and police told me to shut my mouth or be arrested and kicked out of the state! I was told by Stafford Connecticut Police Officer Frank Prochaska that would not pinching kids, later as adult felons would interrupt the flow of revenue. For becoming politically active and for contacting US Senator Chris Dodd's office with my concerns in the late 1990's, I was put on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies Arrest on Sight list to be arrested, ruined, falsely imprisoned, and then kicked out of the state upon my release from prison.

More than a decade later it seems that Connecticut's blacklisting through the police/judicial workers union has followed me to Vermont. My most recent "luck" in the courts and with police [
click here].

I have never heard of a small claims case going as described as in link above. I have never heard of anyone else who did not have a record, getting a year in prison for resisting being mugged on their own property as I did on my own property. The mugger was given immunity for felonies, so that I could be railroaded to prison in Connecticut from an incident 10-11-01.


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