Thursday, June 09, 2011

War on RT rages on

CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and the MSN mainstream news in America have a pro-corporate and Wall St. bias. Not, so with RT, I gladly watch their videos thinking that I am not being lied to, viewing mindless propaganda. I would gladly be a correspondent for RT, have high definition camera, professional mikes and set-up. [See Here]

RT American and Russia Today guests are given more latitute to at least present their side of their argument, agreeable, or not to RT producers. That is my opinion. Russia Today is challenging the lies and the abuse that most American citizens are experiencing in America. So, where the harm in having an actual news source present news?

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War on RT rages on

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As the Mainstream Media continues to fire at RT, anchor Lauren Lyster responds to criticism that the station is "anti-American." Is RT questioning the country or just questioning more than the MSM?

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Using Drones, is the Corporate Dictatorship Poising for War on You?



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