Thursday, August 04, 2011

A crop/farm animals to the Warring Corporate Banksters

Ray, great piece. All Americans should be outraged that 58 cents of every dollar goes to the Pentagon. We serve the needs of the government. Our money isn't ours, our blood isn't ours, we really own nothing if it is by permission, and our children can be taken and used by "important people" in government at anytime for any excuse. We can be used like farm animals, harvested like crops. How did we all let it get this bad?

Pay taxes and get nothing but abuse and tyranny in return. I don't want to pay for all out wars of aggression and a police state. The EPA, OSHA, FDA etc have been given money to target, fine, and put out of business the self-employed and small business which are competition for the organized crime corporate banksters. The bottom line is the key, and no morality, rule of law, or common decency comes into play when you are just about efficiency of business, collecting money, and propping up and enriching the elite insiders at the expense of everyone else. The self-employed and local small business owners know they drink the water they swim in.

Anyone who knows the truth and tells others can be toasted.

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Obama on the Backs of the Poor

By Ray McGovern (about the author)

What are we to make of the Obama-brokered deal on debt and spending? It was certainly what the Germans call eine schwere Geburt (a difficult birth); it was one of the few times I would have favored abortion.

I am reminded of a sermon that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave during the turbulent 1950s, in which he peered into the future and issued a prescient warning:

"A nation or a civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan."

In promoting and then signing the so-called "deficit reduction" legislation, President Barack Obama has definitively confirmed that he stands in the ranks of those spiritual-death-dealing, "soft-minded" men about whom Dr. King warned so ominously.

In my view, even dyed-in-the-wool Obama supporters will now have to let the scales fall from their eyes. The new one-sided "compromise" so clearly promotes the interests of the wealthy over those of the poor that, in Biblical terms, it can readily be seen as a Goddamned deal.

I want to share some thoughts with those among us -- believers and non-believers alike -- who shudder at the prospect of our children and children's children inheriting a country far different from the one promised by the American Dream, a nation approaching "spiritual death."

If you are not greatly concerned with the growing disparity between the rich and poor in this country, take another minute to ponder another warning from Dr. King in the same sermon:

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