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US debt jeopardizes the world economy

The American people aren't being served by their own government. Drug running corporate banksters who are for all out wars of aggression are being served. You can't spend more than you take in indefinitely. Something has to happen. The US Government is either going to put itself on a diet, or it is going to go to war against its own people.

Like what I see on RT America, such as in video below. Would love to be a correspondent and have one of the college age actors I know in front of the camera, also helping report the news, if they need independent teams out, wherever. Would also do the same for Alex Jones, The James Corbett Report, or other similar independent news outfit.

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The debt ceiling debates have been on display for the entire world to see and many countries are concerned about how the US economy affects their matters at home. Washington has put its AAA credit rating at risk. Worldwide, US bonds are considered the risk free asset. Has damage been done beyond the US border? How certain is the US economic financial situation? RT's Marina Portnaya reports on the issue.


Americans starve so the ultra rich can enjoy their billions tax free:



No debt ceiling deal on Capitol Hill

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The mainstream media is praising the fact that a deal has been made, but nothing has been voted on to finalize the proposed deal. Progressive Democrats and Tea Party Republicans are thought to vote against the deal that was reached. So what does this say about the willingness to compromise? Has Obama given into the Republicans wishes? Joshua Holland, senior writer and editor of AlterNet, gives us his take.

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US image ruined by debt debates?

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The US is just one day away from defaulting on its debts, but yesterday President Obama and Congress made a deal. According to many it is has been embarrassing for the American people, but how does this rest of the world view the US? Will the US lose its reputation as a sound country? Pepe Escobar, correspondent at the Asia Times, gives us an outsiders point of view.

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A Target of Homeland Security Fusion Centers, Eric Shine? Going after Federal Military Contractors testing free speech can put your life at risk. Has the Industrial Military Complex taken over the United States of America, and out after the world? Will the Police State in the US declare Martial Law? Is this an extension of the Patriot Act? Is Civil Unrest engineered?

Eric Shine Interview 7_2_11

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More info: http://www.corbettreport.com/interview-351-eric-shine/ on the James Corbett Report independent news website.

Regular guest Lt. Eric Shine joins us to discuss economic and political issues, and the corporatist system that has taken over the government of the United States.


The ultra rich live tax free as Americans starve:


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