Friday, November 11, 2011

They break laws, their answer is to take away your rights

What isn't illegal about our current US Government?

Israeli War Crime photo [found here]

The below re-posted [from here]

They spy on us, whereas we should have civilian oversight of them.

They are funded with our money.

We should then be their bosses, right?

If there are 1700, or more, secret police/military bases inside the US with unlimited black budgets, secret from the public, is this a true sign our government has turned against us, we the people? Why should we allow them to keep cutting services we pay for, while they bleed us dry?

Check out the PBS documentaries in this [blog post]. The documentaries should be a wake up call. There is proof of what I say in this post.

Richard Clarke, a government spook, is in the news for saying we are unsafe as a nation to attack other nations, as the internet is too insecure. What!!!???

This is the US Government's way of saying that the internet is too be censored so that the offshore corporate banksters will be safer using our US troops, tax dollars, and hardware to attack and occupy other countries. We are paying to be under armed occupation by foreign powers using our tax dollars. How smart is that America?

Word search ATF Fast and Furious. Should Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder be arrested, and prosecuted, for their roles in getting guns from US gun shops to Mexican drug gangs so murder rates would rise and mayhem would be off the charts?

A crackhead showed up on my property and and yelled at me, saying that I was fixing up my rental properties wrong and that I should sell them to him at a loss. I didn't know he had made a pact with police to be rewarded for his committing crimes and being a police tool. He was yelling and ranting like a lunatic. I told him to get off my property. He said I would have to sell my properties to him in time. It is the first I had ever seen that man. I later found out he slept with prostitutes and sold and used crack cocaine while being a Connecticut State Police informant according to his own admission. Informant with initials, "PC", was told he had first dibs on my property by police if he assaulted me, sexually harassed my then 14 year old daughter, and terrorized me out of Connecticut. PC an alcoholic drug addict was also promised help in getting a permit to carry concealed guns for his assaulting me, stalking me, and terrorizing me. I got prison for resisting being mugged on my own property, the police informant was given immunity for threatening my life, stalking me, threatening to cut my penis off with a knife, for assaulting me on my property, jumping me from behind in the dark, trying to rob me.

I got a year in prison for pepper spraying him to end the attack. Self-defense isn't legal in Connecticut.

Informant "PC" (aka Peter J. Coukos) got to own my properties (1-3 and 5-9 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut 06076). All I had ever worked for, decades of work, hundreds of thousands of dollars earned and spent, all rewarded to a crackhead who trades drugs for sex with prostitutes. Years I spent fixing up boarded up properties, my retirement. I got prison, and my daughter hasn't called me "Daddy" in over ten years and has nothing to do with me because I lost everything and went to prison. My crime was proposing Civilian Oversight of Police legislation to elected officials. I now don't have a family. I don't have a future. This is the American Police State from my perspective. The American Dream is dead unless we the people fight back.

I don't buy new cars, I don't consume, and I pay little to no taxes. I don't consume and add to the economy, and you paid tax dollars to abuse me and to illegally confine me in prison. So, you were ripped off. The police and courts rip you off the same way everyday. Your neighbors are taken down everyday by these organized criminals. Will you chose to be silent until you are the target of their meat grinder?

Should wives, girlfriends, daughters be raped by police and fear retaliation for complaining? America is resembling the Police State that the former USSR was before it collapsed. I was there after the collapse and asked people about what happened to them and what were the signs beforehand. I saw the abortion that is the US Government on the streets of New Orleans with my own eyes after Hurricane Katrina hit there.

So, if not one official will lift his, or her finger, to remedy my situation, you live in the same America as me.

Stay on your toes comrade.

* * * *

Comment posted with my diary (blog):

I re-posted the above with more links, and more links to video, [click here]

My hopes are that someone will forward this diary to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy. Former Governors John G. Rowland and M. Jodi Rell were too corrupt to remedy citizen abuse as they were part of public corruption, nepotism, and furthering the agendas of organized crime.

I would ask Malloy to help expunge my criminal record. Why should I suffer for life after police awarded my property to a crack head? I will never connect with family, I will never get justice, I will never be compensated for my loss. I just want to go on with my life. Going through the process of a pardon means going to the Connecticut State Police. 4 of them committed perjury for me to go to prison. Officers told me I was to be taken for my last ride in a cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out before I was falsely arrested. I can't go to those police to get fingerprinted to submit pardon paperwork. Is there any justice left in the US?

stevengerickson AT Yahoo Dot Com

For Steven G. Erickson mugshot photo [click here]

I was so upset with Connecticut State Police furthering the aims of crack cocaine and heroin dealers, colluding with thieves, prostitutes, vandals, and non-taxpaying scum, I wrote [this letter] to George W. Bush 9-15-01, before I was attacked on my property 10-11-01.

Police weren't interested in hearing about Stephen Weatherwax [picture of drug dealer after shooting pig in head, links no longer work], an armed drug dealer who broke into houses to steal guns and other items selling stolen goods. They weren't interested in information about armed drug dealer Kenny Mears (sp.?) who raped a 14 year old at underage drug alcohol party. They weren't interest in knowing the names of the "Diaper Gang", or Stevie Carver who used a baseball bat to almost beat a man to death, Richie Dessert, while robbing him. The Diaper Gang were young hoodlums who would use baseball bats to rob people over months of time, maybe years, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Police has a "relationship" with these hoods and were out to ruin, falsely arrest, and imprison mouthy, honest, home owning taxpayers like me. State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo knew all about this and didn't lift a finger to help me, before or after. I had gone to him proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. Police Liaison to Legislators Steven Spellman said the police order was to take me down for daring to propose such legislation and for getting mouthy in newspapers.

* * * *

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Jesse Ventura and Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy?


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Americans to be sent to Corporation Camps?




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