Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Federal Reserve and the price of Beer

Natural Ice beer package image [stolen from here]

The private bank, known as The Federal Reserve aka "The Fed," can print money to cover debts, called, "Monetizing the Debt."

With more money in circulation, every American is taking a pay cut.

For those who shop Wal-Mart, the price of food is going to go up. The US Dollar is no worth less.

I am not saying whether I shopped recently for beer in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Vermont. The price for a 12 pack of Natural Ice was $7.99 at Wal-Mart and only $6.99 at a Mom and Pop shop owned by two women. The woman at the counter said all beer prices are going up, and they price their beer, milk, and what are considered essentials below the Wal-Mart prices. Good for them.

I expand on my thoughts here:

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James Grant Interviewed on Capital Account 10/24/11 (Part 1)

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011

In this episode of Capital Account, Lauren Lyster speaks with Founder of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, Jim Grant to speak about Europe, the Federal Reserve, and Quantitative Easing. As the Eurozone comes out of a weekend to resolve the debt crisis with more "to be determined," are more people losing faith that Europe will make it? And when we talk about the exposure of US investors to Europe, in a case of unintended consequences is it because of Federal Reserve policies that fund managers took their money overseas to indebted banks and nations that now could stand to fail? And speaking of the Fed, are we seeing a campaign forming for more QE? This is Part 1 of the interview. For Part 2 please visit the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fblTCGpjQs

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I placed the below text as an additional comment to [this opedmews.com post]:

Writing here on Opednews.com, respectfully requesting what you want done with your tax dollars, being against illegal wars of occupation, or proposing legislation to elected officials to try and fix the police state and Soviet style courts can land a citizen on a Homeland Security Fusion Center enemies list. If you want information on the location of the nearest fusion center [click here].

Smart electric meters are used to know when you are home, or not, and report your use and patterns to authorities. More states are pushing for laws so citizens have to have keys to their houses in lock boxes outside, accessible to police and other officials so they have 24/7 access to your home when you are there, or not. Cell phone and internet providers illegally cooperate with illegal government domestic spying programs. Police are paying informants to file fast reports to facilitate arrests and false imprisonment, and beat up citizens to retaliate against them for making police misconduct complaints or because they are politically active.

Maybe 75%, or more, is spent on policing, rigged courts, the military, government, and mounting interest on the debts you never agreed to pay in the first place. The corruption is in your face. The government's security programs are not for you, it is for them. They don't want to be prosecuted, they don't want the people to connect the dots, and successfully rise up. Growing your own food is pretty much illegal, the government is going after small businesses, the self-employed, intact families, and homeowners. The ATF is supplying guns to Mexican Drug Gangs. The Government wants to end cash transactions between citizens. Do you get the picture?

"Smart Electric Meters" are good for the Police State:

Smart Meters


stevengerickson At yahoo dot com


Should the New York City Police Department become another tentacle of the Pentagon with CIA and US Military capabilities for spying, killing, bombing, propaganda, furthering offshore corporate and bankster agendas, and enslaving citizens worldwide?

[click here] for:

Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Abused to Make NYPD, WORLD POLICE

Right on network television, right before your eyes, offshore corporate banksters show you how they steal billions.




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