Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pissed off, 9/11

forgive the grammar and typing mistakes ... this subject pisses me off.

The below was posted as a comment in [this article]

I wanted to live the American Dream. I worked, paid taxes, built a contracting business, started a family, and bought boarded up rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. I didn't think this type of "scary" activity would land me on a target list to be arrested on sight for Connecticut State Police officers to lie and perjure themselves me into prison.

I was then deprived of sleep in a Hartford County prison having to sleep with hundreds of drunks and drug addicts in a prison cafeteria hid from the feds during the day, locked in prison showers and bathrooms, who were investigating prison overcrowding and inhumane conditions. At night there were only 2 seatless toilets and no toilet paper for hundreds of us. I was then kicked out of that prison by Captain Murphy saying he didn't allow scumbags in his prison for trying to get the information to the Hartford Courant. I was later kicked out of Connecticut upon my release from prison.

My ankles were kicked apart daily by guard where I had to drop my pants and raise up my testicles at Hartford County Prison. My crime was not being okay with State Police stealing property, running prostitutes and hard drugs using "cut-outs" called police informants. It is time for the rest of America that these offshore corporate bankster lackeys want to give all Americans what they gave me and all others who dare speak the truth. Look what the CIA did for corporations in South America. The CIA and their corporate thugs are treating Americans, and the world, like they used to treat honorable, average and business people in the continent of South America.

Americans are ready for payback. Prisoners who have been wrongly imprisoned by corporate drug running bankster criminals have already connected the dots.

Economic Hitmen

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An animated interview of John Perkins, author of 'HoodWinked' and 'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman'
Copyright of the audio belongs to John Perkins.
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Other Steven G. Erickson rant responses to articles [found here]

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9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

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