Friday, August 12, 2011

War Inc. -- Pentagon sucks in American youth

Why are American taxpayers paying for all out wars of aggression and enslavement? Are Israeli interests considered before that of Average Americans?

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As the U.S. economy remains on a consistent downward spiral, one thing the U.S. Government is never shy to invest endless cash in is the Pentagon. Which - on its end -- is pumping millions of dollars into luring in the young population of America into enrolling into the military. RT's Anastasia Churkina looks at some of those mesmerizing techniques, and what kind of effect they have had on those fit to serve.

Pentagon approves Hollywood scripts

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Bin Laden's death has not stopped the war on terror nor has it kept Hollywood from working on a movie featuring the raid that led to the al-Qaeda leader's death. The team that was behind The Hurt Locker will be releasing the flick right before the next presidential election. This issue has the head of the House Homeland Security Committee, Peter King, so upset that allegedly the White House is sending national security secrets to Hollywood. King is saying that this propaganda needs to be looked into by Congress. David Sirota, author of Back to Our Future, tells us about the bigger issue.

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Can US continue to afford the war in Afghanistan?

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It has been 10 years since the war in Afghanistan began and it's costing Americans approximately $2 billion a week to support the war. Overall 1,618 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan and this has led to many Americans demanding the troops be brought home. Can the US continue to afford the war on terror with the economic crisis? Pepe Escobar, a correspondent for Asia Times, joins us for more on Afghanistan.

Congress' vacations paid for by AIPAC?

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While the US continues to struggle with its economic issues Congress is on vacation. Many are upset at the news reports that 81 members of Congress have chosen to spend a week relaxing in Israel. These vacations are being paid for by AIPAC. Adam Shapiro, an activist, tells us his thoughts on the matter.

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More Credible Accusations that the CIA orchestrated 9-11?

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