Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Divorced Men prefer the idea of the Harley Chick

Harley Chick image lifted from [this blog]

Disclaimer: This is a subject that I intended on writing on back sometime 2004 to 2006. It is about what divorced men have told me would be their ideal woman, not about my preferences or past relationships. -stevengerickson At Yahoo Dot Com

Divorced men have a fear of women who they believe have collected their loot from divorces at the expense of the working man, right or wrong.

The Harley Chick has a certain appeal to men. Divorced men like the idea of a woman who will pack light, as if to be ready to take a long trip on a Harley Davidson motorcycle whether, or not, the divorced man rides in the wind. The Harley Chick is the type of woman to display her assets, and is assumed to have a higher libido than her domestic pirate cousin.

Most men, don't like the little ankle biting dog, too often flea and tick infested. Most men don't like a high maintenance woman who spends money like water. Most men don't want to fight off a little dog, risking Lyme Disease, just for a little booty.

Divorced men often have little money, have had to get rid of the majority of their possessions, and have had to live in less than desirable conditions. Women who have to be wined and dined, and are eager to get the latest furniture, furnishings, and improve her nest for herself at a man's expense, are too often, not attractive at all to a divorced father.

Packing light, and being ready to go, is an attractive asset in today's economy ...

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