Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bill Doriss on Amanda Knox and Anwar al Awlaki

I think it is a dangerous precedent when Americans can be put on target on kill lists, no trial, no arrest. The Amanda Knox shows what pressure can come from exposing a case to the world. There was sympathy for Ms. Knox. There are so many miscarriages of justice in the US, and the world, let's see to it that there is more justice for everyone.
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The Anwar al Awlaki killing in Yemen over the weekend raises Constitutional questions according to the N.Y. Times original report and discussed yesterday on Talk of the Nation/NPR. I'm in agreement with critics of the killing. It clearly shows the govt. denies due-process rights to those it designates as criminals or "enemy combatants", whether they are in fact criminals or combatants. The designation itself is key, and thusly gives agents for the govt. permission to carry out their dirty deeds.

Designants are denied the right to contest the designation with evidence and counter arguments.

It's abominable practice and a serious mistake by the Obama administration. It may cost him more than anything he has done to date, although his mistakes and missteps thus far will be having a cumulative effect. Liberals, particularly liberals educated at some of our most elite colleges and universities, are adept at masquerading their hypocrisies with respect to rights and due process. A man spewing forth hatred against the U.S. is designated an enemy combatant and targeted for extrajudicial death sentence. Meanwhile, the man may have had weapons no more lethal than pen and keyboard.

Targeting and "entrapment" are both abominable practices which our govt. uses routinely. The U.S. of A. was not founded on principles of targeting and entrapment. Quite the contrary!

In Connecticut, the designation "criminal" automatically empowers the state to deny citizen-residents Constitutional rights and due process without proper review or accountability. CT is a rogue state operating outside of normative best practices nationwide.

The Amanda Knox acquital is welcome news, and puts the spotlight on how incompetent and ineffective our own judicial review process is. Now how does Amanda get her four years spent in prison back? How is she going to be made whole?

P.S., Amanda bears a striking resemblance to my own daughter Ashley. That's meant as a compliment, of course. Congratulations Amanda for maintaining your innocence and speaking truth to power.

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