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Dope, Inc. - Part 2: How the Drug Empire Works

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Written by Konstandinos Kalimtgis, David Goldman, Jeffrey Steinberg
Sunday, 25 May 2008


The basis of this investigation

In the following pages we will take the reader from the opium-growing mountains of the Far East's Golden Triangle, to the offices of opium wholesalers in the expatriate Chinese districts of Bangkok, Rangoon, and Singapore; we will take him through the bonded warehouses, shipping lines and air freight companies of old-line British trading companies who control the Chinese expatriate wholesalers; we will lead him through the maze of financial channels that fund the Far East's opium trade, to the august portals of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and other top British banks who control the financing topdown; we will take him across the Pacific to the ports of entry for heroin into the United States, to the skyscraper offices of the Canadian banks and corporations who finance, ship, and protect the heroin en route to the United States; and, finally, we will guide the reader down the family trees of the Canada-based Zionist financiers, to their contact-points in the world of organized crime and heroin distribution. When this is done, we will have reconstructed the Annual Report of Dope, Incorporated, including balance sheet, board of directors, senior operating officers, table of organization, and subsidiaries.

At the conclusion, the reader will know and understand more about the personnel and operations of illegal drugs — the world's biggest business since the days of opium-pusher Adam Smith — than the law enforcement authorities of the United States and other countries knew until recently. In the files of these agencies, in the minds of solitary investigators, and, to a surprising extent, in the public record itself, the pieces of the puzzle have existed for years. Fitting them together into a single picture is the task of this investigation. But the puzzle is not a jigsaw game, in which the picture is assembled by fitting the pieces together side-by-side. As a first approximation, it would be better for the reader to imagine a set of clear plastic overlays, each of which contains part of the picture; laid one on top of the other, they complete the puzzle.

The different overlays of this puzzle are these:
1) The detailed record assembled by American and other investigators of the mechanics of the opium trade from the Golden Triangle down to opium's ports of departure to the rest of the world;
2) Pinpointed identification of opium wholesalers, largely in the Chinese expatriate community, including the names of leading bankers;
3) A comprehensive profile of British finance in the Far East, revolving around the Hong Kong financial center and its leading bank, the Hongkong and Shanghai, including the web of British ties to the Chinese expatriate banking community throughout the area;
4) An exhaustive grid of the British control over means of laundering dirty money in the hundreds of billions of dollars, including "offshore" banking, gold, and diamonds;
5) A grid of the huge quantity of public record material showing the integration of British Far East and dirty money financial] operations worldwide with the top level of British foreign policy-making, centered in the Royal Institute of International Affairs;
6) The similar public record of evidence of strategic agreement between Great Britain and the Maoist People's Republic of China, going back to negotiations between British opium-runners and Mao Tse-tung, under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs;
7) Twenty years of official documentation — from American, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Soviet sources — that the People's Republic of China grows and exports opium not only to earn foreign exchange, but to fund secret intelligence operations, through Chinese expatriates;
8) A comprehensive grid of the intimate links between all these elements — British old-line opium-runners, British dirty money operations, Chinese expatriate overseas operations, British-Chinese policy agreement — with the "Canadian" connection to American organized crime;
9) The international web of the British-centered "Zionist lobby," and its special function in gold and diamond-related dirty money operations, laundering of dirty money, financing of international terrorism, and financial control of the Canada-U.S. drug channels;
10) Lastly, a gridding that demonstrates that the leading controllers of the opium war against the United States are not only connected by interlocking directorates and other business ties but by ties of "blood" that constitute this web under one family.

The resulting picture is comprehensive: the entire mass of detailed, documented evidence fits together into a single picture, stretching from the present day back through the British origins of the opium trade in the time of Adam Smith.

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