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Police State Squashing of the Enjoyment of Life?

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My daughter, Epcot Center, Florida, mid 1990's. We were like two peas in a pod, inseparable, so I thought ... we need not use words, just exchange looks to know what each other was thinking. Something I have never had with my own father for even 5 seconds my entire life.

My daughter 17, or so, years ago. She hasn't called me "Daddy" or said "I love you" since I went to prison for pepper spraying a potential mugger who demanded my wallet saying he'd kill me after he attacked me. The real reason I got prison is I interfered with police organized crime in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. [That story and pic of my mugshot]

[I had also tried to have this judge removed]

Picture with my daughter, Epcot Center, Florida, early mid 1990's

Me and my ex-wife inside her family's 4 room farmhouse, Lithuanian countryside April 1993

My ex-wife's family's farm out on the Lithuanian countryside. I was treated like family, more so there, than I have ever been here in the states.

Picture of my now ex-wife, when she was my girlfriend, Vilnius, Lithuania, April 1993. It is thought provoking as to why I would post such a picture after a relationship is done. Well, the police state in the US is out to ruin such life.

Steven G. Erickson in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida sometime in the early 1990's

Steven G. Erickson (left) two friends in center, Sister on end, maybe 1992

Television and Radio Tower (it is bigger than you think) Vilnius, Lithuania, taken April 1993. The crosses at bottom represent those citizens run over by Russian tanks in their fight for independence. I heard many accounts from those who were there.

Jim Morrison's grave stone, taken by Steven G. Erickson, Paris, France July or August 1997

Jim Morrison and The Doors [video and post]. Was Jim Morrison's death indirectly caused by his having been abused by police in the State of Connecticut?

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot com

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The US Government seems to have the mentality of gangsters. Listen to these guys talk in below video. It is the Documentary, "The End". London area gangsters talk about their lives. How isn't the US Government, just a bunch of thugs, based on what they do, not what they say?

Part 1

Part 2

I really like the way the music is done in the above documentary. Nick Page knows what he is doing.


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Excerpt of lawsuit which was easiest for a judge just to throw out of court:
25- K) FALSE ARREST, NOT INVOLVING DCF: Steven G. Erickson. In the case of Steven G. Erickson, It is Plaintiff KM Dickson’s belief and knowledge that the testimony of Steven G. Erickson was truthful, in that Erickson believes that he wasn’t getting equal protection and service being a Stafford Springs downtown Connecticut landlord.

Mr. Erickson, formerly of Stafford, CT, wrote letters to the editor critical of police and Connecticut courts and wrote President Bush a letter about how the economy was hurt by downtown (Stafford) property and small business owners getting a fair shake in courts and adequate police help and service. Mr. Erickson proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to State Senator Tony Guglielmo and former State Representative Mordasky. Mordasky’s aid, “Rosemarie,” advised Erickson that Erickson should sell his property and leave Connecticut before the Connecticut State Police retaliated for the laws Erickson proposed directing police powers, and for what Mr. Erickson had written critical of police in newspapers, and for being a “Big Mouth.”

Mr. Erickson also attests that the Connecticut State Police were bragging that Mr. Erickson would be going to prison and run out of town after Erickson was attacked by Brian Caldwell on Erickson’s property when Erickson returned home from a double shift of work. Caldwell had told Erickson’s tenants Caldwell would kill Erickson when Erickson got home, and had threatened Erickson, harassed Erickson via voicemail, and beating on Erickson door after midnight, yelling that Caldwell, would cut Erickson’s penis off if Caldwell caught Erickson outside Erickson’s home.

According to Mr. Erickson, Connecticut State Troopers, Amaral and Langlais refused to take Erickson’s complaint against Erickson’s assailant who had jumped Erickson and tried to rob Erickson, nor would they take the complaint of witness Sue Johnston, nor that of Clayton Varno. Instead the police only arrested Erickson, refusing to view Erickson’s injuries, and then later committing perjury of these facts to get me convicted of overreacting to being beaten during a robbery attempt using pepper spray.

Apparently, Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Connecticut Court stated that Erickson was guilty and was going to prison before Erickson’s trial began. A videotape was shown to the jury of how to find Erickson guilty, but nothing about innocence or reasonable doubt, tainting them. (XXX, evidence #)

It is Erickson’s belief that Judge Kaplan informed Erickson’s attorney, Michael H. Agranoff (Stafford, CT), that Agranoff was not allowed to dispute police perjury, the prosecution, nor defend Erickson.

Erickson sent an email to the former Connecticut State Police Commission Arthur L. Spada in late October 2002, the day before Erickson was to be sentenced, asking Spada to remove the US Department of Justice webpage on Community Policing off the Connecticut State Police website, stating the policies were not being followed. Erickson indicated that Erickson was sending a copy of the email to the US Department of Justice.

Erickson believes the Connecticut State Police, the prosecutors, Erickson’s lawyer, and Judge Jonathan Kaplan were acting in collusion to ensure Erickson’s conviction to prevent Erickson from suing for Civil Rights violations and to keep Erickson from lodging complaints and exposing corruption within the courts and Connecticut State Police.

Erickson further asserts that Judge Jonathan Kaplan appeared to reference the email Erickson sent to Commissioner Spada at Plaintiff’s sentencing, indicating to Erickson their was illegal collusion between Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and Connecticut State Police Officers to ensure Erickson was convicted and given the maximum penalties allowed.

Mr. Erickson was sent to an overcrowded prison and was singled out for abuse by guards referencing Erickson’s feud with the Connecticut State Police. Mr. Erickson was held in prison longer than his stated release date, wasn’t allowed to take classes in prison as further harassment, and was told that Erickson wasn’t allowed in Stafford, Connecticut upon release by LT Desso, also a Stafford town police officer.

Mr. Erickson asserts that he was told by his parole officer at the Enfield Police Station, that Erickson wasn’t allowed to make complaints against police officers, nor contact the media regarding Erickson’s case or face more prison time. These are clearly federal color of law, deprivation of rights, and violation of federally protected activities, and first amendment violations.

When Mr. Erickson was turned over to adult probation in Manchester Connecticut, Erickson was given told by Angela K. that she would violate Erickson’s probation if she received any more calls regarding Erickson and would violate Erickson’s probation if Erickson didn’t leave the State of Connecticut. Mr. Erickson was given an hour to pack and leave the State of Connecticut to avoid further persecution and fraudulent prosecution.

Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren:



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