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TSA Agent Rapes Woman, How many TSA crimes go unreported?

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It is time to abolish the TSA and the scourge that is Homeland Security.

Homeland Security is doublespeak for "Armed Occupation"

Mike Gravel, a former Alaska US Representative breaks it down in the shortest span of words. [video embedded here]

Should you know more about Homeland Security Fusion Centers and where they are located in your state? [info]

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TSA worker in uniform flashes badge, brutally rapes woman

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yet another example of a TSA agent engaging in rampant criminality and believing themselves to be above the law emerged yesterday, when 52-year-old TSA worker Harold Glen Rodman allegedly approached a woman in full uniform before flashing his badge and proceeding to brutally rape and sodomize her.

"Police arrested Rodman on Nov. 20. He is charged with aggravated sexual battery, object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy and abduction with intent to defile," reports ABC 7 News.

"Police said the victim reported that she and a friend were in the 10500 block of Winfield Loop in Manassas when the suspect approached them. The suspect flashed a badge and sexually assaulted the victim before fleeing on foot, police said."

The Transportation Security Administration confirmed that Rodman worked for the agency but refused to say where or in what capacity.

As we have documented, this certainly not the first time a TSA agent has abused their position of authority to wantonly break the law.

Earlier this year, a TSA agent in Connecticut was charged with harassment after he posed as a cop by flashing his badge at a woman in an attempt to intimidate her into driving faster.

This is by no means restricted to two isolated incidents. Every week brings a new TSA horror story. Given the epidemic of harassment, criminality and abuse that TSA agents have been caught engaging in both on the job and off-duty, it's not surprising that the rollout of an army of TSA agents to provide "security" at every level of American society, from train stations to bus terminals, from highways to high school proms, is stoking concerns that the federal agency is set to become the de facto "civilian national security force" that Barack Obama promised in his pre-election speech.

There's a whole army of TSA workers who think that because they are given a shiny badge and a blue uniform that makes them above the law and allows them to engage in criminal acts and sexual deviancy. That they think they can get away with intimidating the public into following their every order, even to the point of sexual assault, underscores the mindset of a nation fast sinking into an authoritarian police state.

What kind of training must the feds be giving TSA agents to produce such a prolific streak of criminality and abuse of power? Or on the other hand is it more to do with the fact that sexual deviants and criminals are attracted to a job that allows them to fondle and abuse women and children?

Either way, such stories illustrate what an odious and reprehensible agency the TSA has become and why it should be completely abolished, especially considering the fact that these state-hired goons are now roaming bus terminals, train stations and highways. If you think you can avoid this by not flying, think again.

The fact that scandal and criminal behavior involving TSA agents continually gets swept under the carpet while the establishment media ignores the clear evidence that this is an epidemic of abuse illustrates the reality that the TSA is designed to be an occupying force whose primary role is to oppress and abuse the American people.

TSA Worker Rapes Woman: Paul Watson Reports - Infowars Nightly News

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Boiling Frogs

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The below is a comment I placed in a
Jim Hightower article about the Occupy Wall St., OWS, becoming, "Occupy the Nation":

First the corporate banksters came for the small farmers, then Mom and Pop shops, then the Bed and Breakfasts, then they came after the neighborhood corner bar owner, and I was silent until they came after me.

All of us are next. We the people have connected the dots. If you have everything to lose anyway, including your life in their grand plan, why not risk getting pepper sprayed having your number counted?

* * * *

The below is what I posted in a Michael Moore article on the Occupy Wall St., OWS, movement:

The Planets in misalignment

I find myself agreeing with a lot that Michael Moore says. So, the planets must be in misaligned. I believe there should be less pollution. I don't believe the Al Gore international pretend carbon emissions world government criminal greenhouse gases scam.

I personally don't have any firearms. I believe everyone should have that right who is not mentally ill. The US government can make anyone a criminal just for testing the 1st Amendment, or if they piss off any one in the special class- the rich and those they own in government, the police, or in the courts

I think the office of the US President is key. I like Ron Paul, but don't think he has a chance. I do think Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Amy Goodman, Ben Afleck, or Matt Damon should run. I would drop everything to help with their campaign. I would hope that they would change what I believe their stance is on the 2nd Amendment. In today's world, there is no possible way to have a 1st Amendment if there is no 2nd. I was told that Alec Baldwin yelled my name out over the phone allegedly calling me an "A-hole" after I read a script he was to make into a movie, "Solitary Birds" back in 2006. I told a not so well known performer on Saturday Night Live who also hosted a comedy show with John Candy, that I thought the script for "Solitary Birds" sucked. Even so, Mr. Baldwin is my first choice and I would drop everything to help in his campaign.

To end on an inappropriate note, I don't feel Mr. Moore has a chance in a bid for President. A drunk patron at a Boston bar said the N-word about the election and a candidate being elected, but when Michael Moore name came up, he said "... no f'n fat man is getting elected ..."

-stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com

Propose Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials, and police send out thugs to beat you up at your home. Only you'll be arrested. I received prison for "this offense". The host of the below special Legislative Hearing held in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee at the Hartford Capitol, fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making the below video so terrorized by police and fearing more barbecuing in the US rigged court system.

Should police be able to abduct citizens wearing ski masks to torture them in waterfront abandoned warehouses? See video above. This happened pre-9/11. Should police officers be able to rape your daughter, your mother, your grandmother, and/or any woman or girl they see out in the street with immunity? Should police now be given 24/7 access to your home where you put your keys in Realtor type lock boxes outside your home? That legislation is being proposed.

Silence signifies acceptance.

It isn't just the State of Connecticut that is infamous for Judicial Misconduct, Abuse, and Police Brutality.



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