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Letter from Bernie Sanders to Steven G. Erickson

Click on below image to make full size. [Click here] for the text of my letter to George W. Bush 9-15-01 complaining about Connecticut State Police being all about heroin, crack cocaine, prostitution, citizen abuse, and out to ruin medium and small business, the self-employed and acting as organized crime. I got prison for defending myself after being attacked by a police informant on my property, 10-11-01, after being stalked, threatened, and terrorized for weeks by that, and other police informants.

Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders sent me the above response, recently. US Senator Patrick Leahy sent a similar response. They don't wish to interfere with the judicial branch from the legislative branch. The other branches are interfering with the legislative.

I had asked him to write a letter asking Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy to expunge my record and consider compensation for my losses. No money can make up for the loss of my relationship with my daughter, other family, loss of my retirement, home, credit, and the sum total of my life's work.

Police use informants to beat up citizens and then arrests citizens. It is police gang stalking. Propose Civilian Oversight of Police to legislators, complain about judicial misconduct or police brutality, or get mouthy about police and the courts in newspapers, by email, or in blogs, and you can end up a target of police, being placed on a secret police enemies arrest on sight list.

The Executive Branch is police. Police protect and serve government and are for revenue collection, property confiscation, to guard the government, for government purposes, and if police feel like serving the public it is at their own discretion. If you are here reading, I need not explain the Judicial Branch. The Judicial and Executive Branches are blatantly interfering with the branch of the people, the Legislative Branch.

So, do politicians like Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy not care if citizens are beaten up on their own property, after being stalked, having their lives threatened, to be arrested, and maybe even end up in prison?

It is police misconduct 101, to have informants terrorize, stalk, assault, set up victims for false arrest, make false statements, commit perjury, commit crimes for police, and in some cases even murder targets of police retaliation. Courts are just a rubber stamp on the abuse.

In my opinion, if elected officials do nothing about police gang stalking, we the people aren't represented for our taxation.

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They break laws, their answer is to take away your rights

What isn't illegal about our current US Government?



Comment posted with my diary (blog):

I re-posted the above with more links, and more links to video, [click here]

My hopes are that someone will forward this diary to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy. Former Governors John G. Rowland and M. Jodi Rell were too corrupt to remedy citizen abuse as they were part of public corruption, nepotism, and furthering the agendas of organized crime.

I would ask Malloy to help expunge my criminal record. Why should I suffer for life after police awarded my property to a crack head? I will never connect with family, I will never get justice, I will never be compensated for my loss. I just want to go on with my life. Going through the process of a pardon means going to the Connecticut State Police. 4 of them committed perjury for me to go to prison. Officers told me I was to be taken for my last ride in a cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out before I was falsely arrested. I can't go to those police to get fingerprinted to submit pardon paperwork. Is there any justice left in the US?

stevengerickson AT Yahoo Dot Com

For Steven G. Erickson mugshot photo [click here]

I was so upset with Connecticut State Police furthering the aims of crack cocaine and heroin dealers, colluding with thieves, prostitutes, vandals, and non-taxpaying scum, I wrote [this letter] to George W. Bush 9-15-01, before I was attacked on my property 10-11-01.

Police weren't interested in hearing about Stephen Weatherwax [picture of drug dealer after shooting pig in head, links no longer work], an armed drug dealer who broke into houses to steal guns and other items selling stolen goods. They weren't interested in information about armed drug dealer Kenny Mears (sp.?) who raped a 14 year old at underage drug alcohol party. They weren't interest in knowing the names of the "Diaper Gang", or Stevie Carver who used a baseball bat to almost beat a man to death, Richie Dessert, while robbing him. The Diaper Gang were young hoodlums who would use baseball bats to rob people over months of time, maybe years, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Police has a "relationship" with these hoods and were out to ruin, falsely arrest, and imprison mouthy, honest, home owning taxpayers like me. State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo knew all about this and didn't lift a finger to help me, before or after. I had gone to him proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. Police Liaison to Legislators Steven Spellman said the police order was to take me down for daring to propose such legislation and for getting mouthy in newspapers.

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How Android Type Cell Phones put you in Danger

Should you be concerned about using and carrying your cell phone?

Arnold "Terminator Movie" Android image


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I've gotten a lot of comments and views on below videos on an alternative to

The below video can be found on [here], Megan Fox Robot Torture P1 [direct link] P2 [direct link] or Parts one and two [embedded here]

Liveleaker Flack over Megan Fox Robot Torture video

Text with video:
I got some flack over the 2 Megan Fox Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen videos, [embedded here] with modeling and tattoo pics of Megan Fox. The videos are also the 2 videos previous to this one on my channel.

I would like to see more movies make it to mainstream that aren't about flag waving, glorifying torture, murder, and genocide with corporations hocking their wares. Should Americans pay taxes to have 1700, or so, secret police/military bases inside the US with an unlimited black budget? [PBS documentary link found here].

New York City Police Department is now receiving billions of tax dollars to be international police, spies, and military units to be deployed all over the globe. How would US citizens like it if foreign police officers showed up on their streets and started enforcing laws as they felt like, conducted black bag operations, and spewed misinformation. How would Americans like an NYPD like organization on their streets? CBS 60 Minutes link to what I am talking about [found here]. With police being the way they are in the US, are you safe using an Android type smart cell phone. [post].

A Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective went after an organized crime heroin and cocaine dealer against his captain's wish. He was felony arrested in retaliation over a made up matter. His sons were abducted and beaten at Connecticut State Police headquarters. Police paid informant cash to kill one of his sons for making a police misconduct complaint. [video and story]

The two other people who I know proposed Civilian Oversight of Police were also attacked on their property by police informants, and only they were arrested. Ritt produced [this video] now uploaded on liveleak on the need for Civilian Oversight of Police, with victims giving testimony. Ritt fled the US to seek political asylum so terrorized by police after making the video. Don Christmas was arrested after being attacked by an Enfield, Connecticut, police officer's 14 year old prostitute girlfriend attacked him on his rental property. [video of Don Christmas talking about that]

My mugshot [found here]. My daughter hasn't said she loved me, and has not called me "Daddy" since I was railroaded to prison, losing my 3 rental properties, home retirement, credit, my contracting business built over 2 decades, and the sum total of my life's work after being stalked, terrorized, and intentionally ruined by police. I may never see some of my family for the rest of my life. I've committed no crime. Welcome to the new America.

I have contacted Vermont US Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders about this. [the answer].

So, the above is why I took exception to the glorification of the US Police/Military State in the movie, Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen.


stevengerickson At Yahoo Dot Com

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Target on Enemies List


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Police hire informants to kill

Text with video:
Police hire informants to kill, MORE:

Police hiring informants to do drive by shootings and be gang members for police is talked about in video. A murder that took place where police should have been prosecuted too, is talked about. This video is about an old case. Cops have less checks and balances now and even more abuse of the public and US Constitution is now taking place. Police informants get paid to break laws, beat and set target citizens up. Police can pay informants to kill citizens and aren't prosecuted. This video is proof. Police pay informants to beat up police officers who break ranks to terrorize others to act as an armed street gang, not law enforcement.

informants, Connecticut, police, prosecutorial, prosecutor, judge, judicial, judiciary, misconduct, brutality, Hartford, Capitol, legislative, building, Colchester, Troop K, Connecticut State Police, Briger, Lieutenant, Sargent, LT, Sgt., Richard, Nardella, Tom, Charles, Scott, Thomas, Ian, Steven, Stephen, Steve, Murzin, Rich, Richard, Phillip, Inkel, Todd, Vashon, kill, murder for hire, hit man, governor, rell, Kevin, Kane, States, Attorney, lawyer, counsel, FBI, IAD, Internal Affairs, investigation, indictment, prosecution, Richard C. Blumenthal, Attorney General, John G. Rowland, F. Mac Mack Buckley, Hartford, mafia, gang, gangland killing, prostitute, informant, tax, money, dollars, corruption, Massachusetts, New York, city, town, sealed, records, transcripts, protest, action, legal, docket, number, price, fee, district, bribe, perjury, lying, false, dead, Los Angeles, street gang, gun, shoot, knife, chain, handcuffs, prison, prisoner, probation, parole, terms, years, months, days, hours, guard, DOC, DMR, UConn, Stafford Springs, Ellington, Vernon, Rockville, Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, Steven G. Erickson, Jeffrey R. Yeaw, Arthur L. Spada, Commissioner, department, deputy, sheriff, marshal, senator, representative, crime, punishment, slander, false, statement, political, error, freedom, reform, rally, rights, civil, US, America, Constitution, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, election, propaganda, free enterprise, speech, redress, grievances, complain, testify, oath, promise, breach, downtown, urban, blight, riot, unrest, peace, California, Washington, DC, cell phone, files, hidden, private, juvenile, detective, narcotics, thug, trooper, officer, retaliation, intimidation, circumvent, tease, taser, mayhem, rape, robbery, mugging, mugger, self defense, hospital, care, intensive, ambulance, mercy, prayer, confidence, secret, priest, pedophile, list, sex, offender, bicycle, mask, badge, police misconduct complaint, Connecticut, Martial Law, racism, bias, blatant, NDAA, Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy, Chris Dodd, Joe Josesph Lieberman, Impeach Obama, TSA rape brutality misconduct DHS

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Added December 12, 2013:

Children used pre and post 1975 to test weaponized Lyme Disease?

Text and links to go with above video [click here]. Text to go with below video [click here]


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