Saturday, November 12, 2011

OWS and our pretend US Policing

The below was posted as a comment to Ritt Goldstein's article [found here], the comment I made:

Policing has become military occupation. Civilians who connect the dots are the enemy. The occupation of us is to bleed us dry of money, of what we think is ours, to break up family, community, and to break our will. The OWS movement is a reaction to it. Hopefully not too late, since the criminals have been up to their dirty tricks internationally since the Pinkertons demanded huge sums of cash, so Lincoln would not be assassinated during his campaign for president.

With the rise of Pinkertons, the precursor to the CIA, NSA, and the KGB like police force in the US, there has been all out wars, the rise of the corporate state. The New York City Police Department is now an international spy and military operation costing taxpayers billions. [blog post with link to CBS 60 Minutes piece]

There are at least 1700 military/police secret bases inside the US with an unlimited black budget according to a PBS documentary. [link here]

We the people should know what we are up against.

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Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police back in December 1996 in the State of Connecticut in a Special Judiciary Committee Legislative Hearing in Hartford. The Judicial Abuse, Police Misconduct, and Police Brutality has only gotten worse in the State of Connecticut AND in the USA. Ritt fled the US to seek political asylum after making the below video. A woman beaten up by her husband is helped by police and she is arrested, thinking she will be killed by police. The former Mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut, talks about police abducting citizens wearing ski masks to torture and interrogate them at abandoned waterfront warehouses. Without Civilian Oversight of Police in place, the Police State problem has only gotten worse. The below video is a must see for anyone wanting to understand the rise of America's Police State.


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