Friday, November 25, 2011

Death Penalty Holy Grail of Reasons not to have

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now really breaks it down. She happens upon a marriage announcement posted in a New York City newspaper. Two Death Penalty survivors get married. Each wrongly convicted and sentenced. Their stories are compelling. The video starts out slow, but be patient. It is more than the Death Penalty. This video shows us the normal operating procedure of those in charge.

The US, and other countries, can't be trusted with the Death Penalty. Cops lie and commit perjury and aren't punished. Courts are rigged. So, current courts with Medieval Ethics and sense of reality should not be trusted with the Death Penalty. [This] is what these bozos are up to. Don't give them any more tools to torture us, we the people. Let's have a Slippers and Bathrobe Rebellion, Occupy Wall St., OWS, globally. We don't want to pay to bomb, shoot, kill, and torture. The international corporate owners and banksters do. Show them our numbers.

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