Friday, December 02, 2011

Comment Dec. 2, 2011

I contacted elected officials in Connecticut prior to 9/11. I was concerned with police promoting crack cocaine and heroin sales in Stafford Springs. Connecticut State Police had a "business" relationship with prostitutes and other criminals, allegedly. They also, allegedly, paid police informants to help in their revenue collection, asset confiscation, gun confiscation, retaliation, and take "hot girls" from their spouses or significant others, ploys.

For proposing Civilian Oversight of Police and court reform legislation to CT State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo and John A. Kissel, they turned my name into the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Police. My name was then given to officers at roll call, so I could be harassed, terrorized, set up for false arrest and prison to lose the 3 houses I owned, my contracting business, and my daughter.

Don't trust these people. They break rules, rip you off and are answerable to organized crime, banks and offshore corporate owners. Don't let them send you to camp, or kill you for free. Do more than occupy Wall St., make it count now. They want armed conflict which they''ll win. Let's give them a "Bathrobes and Slippers, Rebellion" where we just sit at home, not pay taxes, not consume, and the energy companies and pirate corporations will see the shot across their bows. If you pay taxes you are supporting Al Qaeda, a CIA program, so you are financially supporting terrorism and you can be jailed secretly indefinitely with no hearing, no records, given this new legislation. Shame on US Senators and Congresspeople, you have shown what side you are on.

-stevengerickson At yahoo dot com

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