Wednesday, May 21, 2014

JFK Assassination Theories Beaten to Death?

I happened to catch a JFK documentary on who the 2nd shooter probably was, a Secret Service Agent riding in a car behind Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. The documentary now on Netflix implied it was an accidental shot from an AR15, an M16 weapon using explosive or hollow points to blow the President's head up. I think the actual plot was more sinister.

A well known Australian crime solver looks at ballistics and what was hidden in plain sight. Simple ballistics isn't sexy. Most people will opt out of a boring analysis to go for the Oliver Stone Hollywood twists, turns, and drama. Just the facts ma'am ... 

The Secret Service seemed to actively obstruct justice and destroy evidence after the shooting. Was the Secret Service detail handpicked to do a CIA type assassination of Kennedy because he was an enemy to the Federal Reserve globalist scammers? Using a then, state of the art M16 weapon on single shot with 30 round clip vs. a clumsy outdated bolt action rifle that allegedly was the patsy weapon, makes sense. There are pictures surfacing with the Secret Service Agent brandishing the Assault Rifle just behind Kennedy in a perfect sweet spot for pulling off the shot that changed the direction of the US, the coup that was pulled off in our faces.

The international corporate and banker organized crime cartel who have us under stealth occupation have proven over and over that they kill whomever, wherever, and however they want.


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Total Surveillance makes voting null and void



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