Sunday, October 04, 2015

Is there anything to Weather Modification, Geoengineering, and Chem Trails?

This blogger has long thought the whole chem trail thing is a baseless conspiracy theory. But, with documented evidence that there are corporate patents to modify the weather as far back as the Vietnam War, there might be something to this.

Al Gore's Global Warming is just international corporate organized crime propaganda and profiteering.

We should know the difference from our being blamed for harming the planet for breathing and normal human living conditions and the real world pollution of corporations and from their endless wars. International bankers and corporations bribe politicians on both sides of engineered conflicts to profit from even more war.

There are real efforts to come up with ways to destroy the genetics of target populations, to sterilize them, dumb them down, and to cause long term health problems and slow death. Average Americans in America might be the current target of the globalists.

The below video's [direct link].

Conspiracy Documentary 2015 GeoEngineering (This is a must watch)


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