Sunday, May 10, 2015

Who is a worse felonious criminal, Jeb or Hillary?

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Who is a worse felonious criminal, Jeb or Hillary?

1.4 Trillions Dollars! You’ve been sent the bill. You will never be able to pay down the debt you’ve been assigned.

Bushes made money off both sides of World War II, funded the Nazis and profited from Concentration Camps!

CIA, Cocaine Trafficking, profiteering with Central Bankers

Wars make these people more money. It makes you more of a debt slave.

What is the Clinton body count? How many died to cover up the Clinton CIA cocaine trafficking, banking scandals, and sexual deviance?

Hillary is allegedly as bad a serial womanizer as is Bill.

Did Hillary kill, or have killed, Vince Foster in the White House and then have his body smuggled out?

If Vince Foster lived and testified against Hillary, she’d be serving serious prison time.

Why the F is the UN controlling all US land, resources, and energy?

Is the UN and UNESCO just a front for the biggest criminals in the history of the World?

Why are you letting international criminals make you pay for them recording all of your conversations, using your devices to spy on you, and tracking all you do for their protection, not yours?

If you have no privacy, aren’t you a prisoner, a slave?

Word search Stark Raving Viking blog and look for posts near the date of the posting of this video for more on this theme

The ATF Fast and Furious Program used US Taxpayer Dollars to send guns to Mexican Drug Dealers for murders to be Committed so the 2nd Amendment could be attacked

With Obama’s and US Attorney General Eric Holder’s knowledge, and even fostering of this program does this make them accessories to murder and stealing your tax dollars for criminal activities?

Why isn’t the Barrack Obama Regime prosecuted using RICO?

You pay huge taxes and most of the US Public Transportation system is either non-existent or 3rd World equivalent

Billionaires want to tax you to breathe. It is called the “Carbon Tax”

Under UN Agenda 21 type rules you can go to prison for collecting rain water or for paying cash at a neighbor’s yard sale.

Most wood stoves are banned. Fireplaces are not going into homes and some are being removed.

It is allegedly proposed to ban barbecues, matches, lighters, and civilian use of fire.

Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites are [found here]


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