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What is the binding non-religion of the Corporate Globalists?

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What is the binding non-religion of the Corporate Globalists?

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Torture is “Legal” in governments controlled by the Corporate Globalists

It is not about respect, they want your fear for your submission

Are bi-polar people merely biological robots, born without a soul, or possessed by demons?

My own father would do this seemingly for hours

My father is a former [Monsanto Executive], allegedly in [InfraGard], and a proponent of Secular Humanism

From age 2 or 3 I remember numerous incidents of my father trying to poke me in the eye with a lit cigar

Up until age 16 when I called him out to fight me, my father would just come over gain pleasure by giving me pain

I haven’t talked to him in about 4 years, yet his psychological abuse continues to haunt me

My father told me that he didn’t enjoy his childhood, therefore he would not allow me to enjoy mine

It is people like my father who bring you Monsanto GMO “food” for you to be the test subjects. Crap they won’t eat themselves.

My father didn’t want me to watch television, especially with him. I was told I was not good enough to watch sports with him and was being lazy the very few times he allowed me to.

The first time I played catch with him at age 4 or 5, the 2nd throw back, he drilled the baseball as hard as he could into my face saying I throw like a girl and he didn’t want to even have to look at me.

First time I walked around the corner at about the same age, my father threw a basketball in my face telling me to go to the basement as he didn’t even want to look at me.

My father told me that because my Mother is short, and that I have asthma, I was worthless, weak, never going to amount to anything, wouldn’t be able to play sports, and that I should not waste my dime calling him from jail as he wouldn’t care. I was 5 at that time.

My Monsanto Executive Father didn’t want me to have friends, because he grew up on a farm in North Dakota without indoor plumbing and electricity as he had no friends growing up.

I was punished for joy, especially on my birthday or during holidays.

My father ruined every relationship, or potential relationship with women and girls, since the current one. He tried to turn my friends against me. And, my business partner, since I was in my 20's, my father has tried to poison his ears any time he’s talked to him.

My father tried to destroy my relationship with my future wife the first time he met her. He screamed at me. I met her in Lithuania and she is a former model.

Before I was even out of High School, my father was trying to get the police to arrest me for something so he would not have to pay for my college and could kick me out.

I had quit talking to my father just after a family gathering where he screamed at me for no good reason in front of my wife. It was weeks later a police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Fat Frank Prochaska started slamming me against my own house saying I was “Mud People” for being part Sicilian, and that my wife should be with him and that I didn’t know the right people to have a pretty wife.

“Fat Frank” Prochaska after slamming me into my own house said he was going to call my father on me and that I was kicked out of Connecticut but my wife could stay.

From about age 3 my father would burst into the bathroom and start slapping me or punching me for using 5 Kleenex or for using more than 10 little sheets wiping my ass after taking a dump. It is pretty unsettling having your father listening outside the bathroom door ready to burst in.

Why am I typing all this as part of the rolling script? Well, it is individuals like my father who are the billionaires, corporate organized crime figures, officials, and bankers who are in charge of everything. They decide your future and the fate of all of us.

Like my father ...

Check links.

Word search “Spurned Child Syndrome” not in quotes.

Word search Steven G. Erickson

There are 3 police informants who told me I would have to do as they say, or lose everything, being retaliated upon for life by the police, and in courts, and be permanently estranged from my daughter being disowned by my family.

1. [Barbara Satal] She told me that she left her husband for me and had been offered $10,000 by the Connecticut State Police to set me up for DUI and a Police Beating where I would also be arrested for assaulting an officer. She told me that the State Police would enforce a “no dating policy” where I couldn’t date and that I would lose my rental properties, contracting business, my daughter, and go to prison. I called her bluff and lost.

2. [Peter J. CoukosCoukos] ruined at least 3 of my romantic relationships. One was pregnant with twin boys. Who after being terrorized by Coukos, got an abortion and refused any more contact with me. Coukos while punching me in the back of the head, told me he’d make a false accusation that I threatened him with a gun unless I paid him $30,000 cash. Coukos also stated that he had bribed Stafford Springs, Selectman John Julian $5000 to get [my rental properties] from me. Coukos said if I did not pay him I would go to prison and be estranged from my daughter forever. I called his bluff and lost.

3. My Father My father told me unless I did what he said, when he said, visiting me in prison, telling me I wasn’t allowed to lodge complaints against police, [Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan], or Attorney Michael H. Agranoff or anyone else involved in incidents leading up to my false arrest and imprisonment, or he’d see to it that my daughter would have nothing to do with me and that he would X me out of his family. I called his bluff and lost.

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