Friday, April 03, 2015

WTTC all minorites (actually the majority) to the (assumed) WBC (White Boy Club)

White Boy lawn jockey photo [stolen from here, a lawn jockey history blog].

It is truly us against them. We have to know who "them" is.
To our brave and honorable US Troops, who joined for the right reasons, but have been wronged, "You can't give your life for your country, if your country really doesn't exist."
"America, the country that F's over Americans and Bombs the Rest," - Steven G. Erickson
The Clergy in America are supposed to turn in their flock if they are being potential leaders, religious, have an independent mind, are self-sufficient, and are considered a terrorist in corporate/banker/billionaire run America. Christian priests and leaders are getting tax dollars to be informants. Religion is considered mental illness by the elitist occupation of the US and most of the world. Muslims extremists are funded with US taxpayer dollars for banker purposes. There is nothing wrong with that religion as practiced by average people, who are people not being used by bankers, billionaires, and international corporate organized crime. 
Are we going to do the less than 1/10 of 1% bidding by doing in each other?
Why don't we identify those who want to kill all of us, sterilize all of us average people, rob us all, and go medieval on them, before they go medieval on us?
We have got the numbers.We just need to get along better.
The land, resources, and energy is ours, not theirs. We do not need them. They need us ... Before they get their robots online, let's have our own bread and circus, except it will be the elite who are literally fed to the lions, okay?

The FBI uses US taxpayer dollars to cause racial division. Have you heard of Hal Turner, the White Supremest, racist, New York City/New Jersey area radio host paid US taxpayer dollars to cause racial hatred, division, and violence between people who live next to each other and would normally just get along, go to work, raise families, and go about life? [Hal Turner Diaries]

Things didn't work out so well for Hal. He pissed off the Jewish Mafia in the State of Connecticut. It includes the Black Robe Mafia (Judges) and the Lawyer run legislature in that state.

WTTC means: "Welcome to the Club"

Chicago Gang and Urban Slang terms [found here].

International Bankers, Billionaires, and Corporate Organized Crime believe We the People are that Stupid. Are we? [Billionaire Bastard Playing Cards Stark Raving Viking blog post]

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