Thursday, March 22, 2018


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A police officer who was part of the program to illegally seize guns and was paid federal tax dollars to covertly help end the 2nd Amendment, Free Speech, and nullify the US Constitution, decided he should have my wife, not me. I was threatened with having problems with the IRS, with police, and the courts and for the rest of my life if I did not comply with him telling me that I was kicked out of the state of Connecticut, had to abandon my wife, or else.

100% of whatever I earn, if I can get a job, is at risk. I can't get assistance. The courts are rigged. I contacted the FBI and USDOJ. I contacted anyone willing to listen. Getting word back from high authorities, the US Constitution does not apply to me, and I have no rights unless I am a member of a protected group, like minorities, transsexuals, homosexuals, etc.

I'm a White Male, and I am not going to sleep with another guy, nor have my junk cut off to be a tranny just to have rights in the USA!

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