Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mongers of Hate

In the US, it started against the working class, minorities, homosexuals, and those that might educate the general public with new and good ideas.

The unofficial policies have been so effective, look at the divide now between the rich and the poor. Where is the middle ground? There isn’t any.

Exclusion, abuse, and corruption are all bad for the economy.

Who you know, means getting or not getting a good job, a fat contract, or getting into an Ivy League School.

It is not about experience and deserving, it is about the Good Ole Boy Network.

Those in the network can do what they want, when they want.

If fruit and other food stuff become out of hand expensive and crops rot in the field, it would say the immigration and guest worker program is severely flawed. If energy prices are out of hand, it has to do with saber rattling and the world not trusting and fearing a now grown up maniac kid that probably got his jollies out of breaking things and watching people around him suffer emotionally.

Does President George W. Bush foster faith in government?

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

Should the Statue of Liberty be facing the other direction?

Stalker Gangs

Are there unnamed factions in the US, similar to the KKK?

The Real Kathleen Dickson Story, click here

Lisa Masterson of the UK, Victim of Connecticut Spy Goons

No Niggers or Spics AllowedAug. 29, 2006 Fax to Governor M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut about Connecticut corruption and racism

Doing the Math

If you know statistics and could actually plug in the numbers, what would they say?
Eavesdropping is so sophisticated and automatic, there is no way I believe those in authority didn’t know the World Trade Centers were going to be hit.

There has been no real threats since. Nothing has happened. Are we supposed to believe that somehow major clowns that couldn’t have pulled off a bank job, pulled off the hits on the WTC?

Bush’s growing, obvious, sociopath type behavior tells me that he and his buddies probably would have stopped at nothing to get what they wanted and how they wanted it.

Bush has all the earmarks of a very spoiled child. Wanting to eliminate non-white and those that aren’t rich from any type of power or quality of life, says volumes.
The US Constitution and the human condition mean nothing to Bush. Enriching himself and his friends seems to be the only motivation.

US intelligence faces shake-up
My post telling American President George W. Bush to go Fuck himself, click here

Exposing Collusion and Illegal Acts of the Official Connecticut Mafia

Is the American Justice System a Sleazy Whorehouse?

Hell, USA 47 comments so far. Comment anonymously

Open Letter to Chief Justice William J. Sullivan of Connecticut

Fucking and Sucking out of being Prosecuted?

Kristine D. Regaglia

Ms. Ragaglia is the former head of Connecticut Department of Children and Families. She got the same bribes and freebies that former Governor John G. Rowland went to Federal Prison for. After being caught being a fraud, she was made the head of Connecticut’s Fraud Investigating Unit. What!!!???

Who is she Fucking and Sucking not to be prosecuted? Maybe key FBI agents in Connecticut, someone in the Connecticut US Attorney's Office in Connecticut, and/or Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s Office could be asked. Why were undercover investigators told they would be thrown in Gitmo and be detained under the Patriot Act with no hearing after their cameras and Regaglia evidence was illegally confiscated by the Connecticut FBI and/or Connecticut State Police?

DCF and Connecticut's Official Whore House

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