Monday, March 05, 2007

Bombs dropping near Cheney

Some are upset they did not hit their mark. Others are upset about those who exercise their right of Free Speech expressing their anger with Cheney and what he represents.

This recent posting of Bill Maher talking with Rep. Barney Frank (D.-Mass), John Ridley author "The American Way", and others. Text, comments, and video exactly as they appear as posted by ThePatriotsMaxim:

Should Comments Be Deleted?
Harsh -- and frequently hateful -- Internet rhetoric hidden behind the cloak of anonymity is not confined to politics, let alone one side of the political spectrum. Some 10-year old girl posts a video of herself on YouTube singing her favorite song. Inevitably, one of the first comments posted will be, "You suck. You can't sing worth a shit -- and you're ugly. Go ahead and kill yourself. NOW." Are we to assume that all YouTube users hate kids? Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin and company know that this kind of reasoning is blatantly false and pathetic. Which is what makes their fake high-dudgeon all the more manipulative. And disgusting. And beyond hypocritical.

There was Limbaugh on Tuesday morning, reading some of the more offensive comments on the air, pretending to be suitably outraged, and declaring: "How is it that you explain visceral, literal hatred for somebody you don't know? It's one thing to disagree with somebody's policies, but this is crossing a new line... It is sick, and it resides exclusively on the left."

Exclusively on the left? He can't be serious. There are endless examples to disprove this, including the comments that appeared on Little Green Footballs (a site Rush has glowingly praised) after a UN outpost in Lebanon was blown up by an errant Israeli missile: "Too bad Kofi wasn't there too," "I'd be laughing my ass off if somebody launched one right in Kofi's office while he was groping his secretary," "4 less UN terrorist collaborators. Good Job IDF," "Maybe a couple more UN observation posts getting blown to hell would be appropriate."

Does this prove "the fury, bile and idiocy of the sub-moronic left right"? Of course not. But it does prove how wrong Rush was. And how phony was his outrage.

Same with Hannity. He led off his show Tuesday night with this non-story, his knickers in a twist over the very idea that some people had anonymously expressed regret that Cheney had escaped unharmed. He'd clearly never heard such things said before!

Trouble is, this was the same Sean Hannity who just the night before had been joyously joined by his good friend, the infamously toxic Ann Coulter. The same woman who said "We need somebody to put rat poison in Justice Steven's crème brulee," questioned whether it was more appropriate "to impeach or assassinate" Bill Clinton, suggested New York Times staffers be "executed," and titled a column on Lincoln Chafee, "They Shot the Wrong Lincoln." And she did so proudly, openly, and in her own name -- not in an anonymous comment.

So, please, spare us the bogus indignation. And stop trying to build an illogical but politically-convenient thesis on the backs of a few unhinged and clearly fringe commenters.

The faux fury routine is getting very, very old.

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