Friday, March 09, 2007

From the Crotchety Old Bastard blog:

Clinton - Geffen History


As usual, NewsMax is all over this Geffen-Hillary meltdown.
Why does movie mogul David Geffen hate the Clintons so much?
His personal attack made this week on Hillary Clinton harkens back to then-President Bill Clinton’s refusal to pardon an American Indian activist Geffen believes was falsely convicted of murder.

I have held since this blow-up started that there was more here than being in love with the anointed one, Barak Obama. And I was right.

Geffen is co-chairman of DreamWorks and has always been a faithful supporter of the Clintons. He was one of the Lincoln Bedroom winners after raising over $18 million for Clinton. All was going swimmingly; the checks cleared, Geffen had bought very influential access and the Clinton-Geffen relationship was very chummy.

So, what happened? Geffen’s mistake was to assume that with his inside access he could get Clinton to choose principle over money. Clinton’s mistake was thinking that Geffen would move on to another cause and forget about his request from years ago.

In a nutshell, here’s the background. In 1975 two FBI agents were killed during a shootout with activists at the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Leonard Peltier was among the activists. He ran away to Canada but was eventually extradited, convicted and sentenced to two life sentences. Several appeals were launched and accusations of FBI and prosecutor misconduct were charged. Peltier became a cause de celeb for the Hollywood crowd.

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