Tuesday, March 06, 2007

From TheAngryRepbulican:

100 Examples of GOP Corruption, Lies, and Ignorance (Part 1)

Text with YouTube video: I am a republican. The behavior of my party over the last 6 years has been deplorable. Their biggest flaw is their failure to admit to their mistakes. They are embroiled in corruption scandal after corruption scandal, yet still have the audacity to deny this "Culture of Corruption". Fine.

I assembled this list of 100 examples of GOP corruption, lies, and ignorance. Maybe by putting this all out in the open we can begin to have a discussion on how to save the GOP from itself.

This is a video for republicans who have been disturbed by the behavior of the GOP in the past few years, and truly detest the direction that our nation has gone.

For the remaining 99.9 percent of people on YouTube (liberals), this will likely have little influence on your opinion of the GOP.

Part 1 of this video involves Corruption.

100 Examples of GOP Corruption, Lies, and Ignorance (Part 2)

Part 3

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