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You're Sleazy (legislators), so go ahead and take away MY RIGHTS!

Dear Connecticut State Senator Andrew McDonald,

I saw the Hartford Courant Story on how a felon had possession of a firearm and that is somehow citizens at large fault. It seems that the laws enforced in Connecticut are about revenue collection, not criminal correction. Laws are also enforced to deny minorities and poor whites just about everything. If Connecticut were so much about separate and unequal and draining every last dime out of citizens in declared and un-declared taxes so many citizens would not be taking off for much more American States.

You are wrong in your thinking on guns and crime! Police too often are disrespectful and abusive to those that call into report crimes in Connecticut. Try taking samples of calls that come in from the White suburbs vs. areas that are considered not the nice neighborhoods.

Stephen Weatherwax a known drug dealer and thief, shot a pig in the head behind my former home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I let police know he was fencing guns and that his young sons were openly selling drugs on street corners. The younger one started selling drugs for Stephen at age 9. When it comes to reporting prostitution, vandalism, and other quality of life robbing crimes, police in Connecticut are often to arrogant and lazy to protect and serve.

Police figure they have job security and free reign as long as police encourage crime and kids becoming criminals. Those that aren’t white or are not rich have to live in abhorrent conditions in Connecticut. I don’t think official Connecticut was never not racist and elitist.

From the latest reports on the police and the courts in Connecticut, crime and widespread abuse against citizens could be vastly reduced if DCF, police, prosecutor, attorney, official, and police informant perjury, obstruction of justice, jury tampering, suppression of evidence, manufacturing of evidence, profiteering, racketeering, and other officially sanctioned crimes were addressed. Cameras pointed inside cruiser with audio would keep them from being used as torture chambers and brothels. Cameras in court rooms, including backrooms, would make the courts less abusive and racist.

Organized criminals are doing as they please, too many have influence in town halls and citizens are robbed blind, officially and unofficially. Landlords are targets if they are not organized criminals. I was told to sell my property at a loss or else by a “mobbed up” selectman. I did not and was then falsely arrested for trying to hide in my house for two weeks while a police informant threatened to kill me and cut my penis off if he caught me out in my yard. He jumped me in the dark and I went to prison for pepper spraying him.

Connecticut State Police Officers were out to put non-whites out of business such as a Stafford Springs Connecticut pizzeria owner. I didn’t agree not to rent to non-whites and became a target of police. If White Male officers weren’t so eager to have sex with as young and slutty girls as possible while targeting citizens on their secret “Enemies List” [more], Connecticut citizens would have a better quality of life and the economy in Connecticut would improve.

Citizens such at the blogger journalist Ken Krayeske [more] can be targets of police just for exercising their right of Free Speech. If there is no first Amendment in Connecticut, I can’t see how there would be a Second Amendment either.

The Governor’s Office has been “Sleaze Central” in Connecticut and so has the court system. It is beyond disgusting that you have let a racist, rogue Supreme Court Judge such as William Sullivan, go after he pissed on all citizens and the US Constitution in his shear arrogance and illegal acts. Police Officers are raping women without punishment and worse. Those that complain or are whistle blowers are retaliated upon, falsely arrested, and then imprisoned.

What rights are protected? What incentive does anyone have to live in, raise children, work in, own a home in, and retire in Connecticut? How are you legislators actually serving the people in the legislative branch when so many of you profit from the abuse of citizens in the Judicial Branch as practicing lawyers? Isn’t that a sleazy conflict of interest, a violation of separation of powers, eliminating checks and balances, while being just plain wrong?

My choice of investing in a home and working in Connecticut was the biggest single mistake I have ever made. The corruption and official abuse has ruined my life and broken up my family. If I bought property in Massachusetts, Vermont, or any American State, I don’t think I would have been a target of racist police officers to end up held as a political prisoner, now penniless, and unable to get most jobs. Connecticut is an abortion on sensibility.

Lawyers profiteering and legislating themselves immunity and large chunks of change all while the giving the Judicial Branch and Police free reign is beyond unbelievable. If lawyers weren’t lying and ripping the public off blind, the judges, police, and other officials would not be able so abuse the public while profiting.

It isn’t about guns, it is about Official Organized Crime, the 3 branches of Connecticut State Government taking as much as they can from its citizens.

We’re already bled dry.

What can you legislators do to start helping the victims of your official abuse?

-Steven G. Erickson

P.S. I am posting this open email to you on:

[click here] for my appeal to legislators for reform

[click here] for a post on attorney misconduct

[click here] official Connecticut wants to lock you and your kids up

If you lodge a police misconduct complaint, officers can come up with thousands in cash to have you whacked or will arrest you when you are stabbed 13 times and if you wake up alive in the hospital. [more]

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Police Seize Guns

Authorities Wondering How Convicted Felon Built Up The Cache
March 12, 2007
By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer
MIDDLETOWN -- City and state officials are wondering how a convicted felon who served a lengthy prison sentence for stealing firearms, arson and threatening to kill a police officer was able to procure an arsenal of weapons.

Middletown police seized numerous pistols, high-powered automatic rifles and a large amount of ammunition from the home of John Roy, 34, of 60 Church St., Friday night. They also found about 90 marijuana plants at his home, along with cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

State law prohibits convicted felons from possessing firearms. In 1993, Roy was sentenced to 17 years in prison for a crime spree, including the 1991 theft of $39,000 in guns, ammunition, knives and gun scopes from two area gun shops. He also had confessed to torching vans at a local auto dealership and setting a bonfire at the Cenacle Mansion in the 1990s. At the time, he also threatened to kill a Middletown police officer who had investigated several of the incidents, saying he planned to wire the officer's car with explosives or shoot him, according to court records.

Recently, authorities received information that Roy, who was released sometime after 2002, had started making threats again to residents, local police and state agencies, police said. Police learned that he had weapons in his home "and was to be heavily armed at all times," according to a press release issued over the weekend by Middletown police.

"We don't know how these people come into possession of these firearms," Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano said Sunday. "I would like the police to look into it, and I'd like our legislature to look into it. There are too many people who can't own firearms and procure them from people who do."

The legislature's judiciary committee is considering a bill that would try to address one source of illegal guns - those who sell a firearm to a felon, then falsely claim the gun was stolen when the felon is caught with the weapon. Under the bill, anyone who fails to report a lost or stolen firearm within 72 hours of its disappearance could be charged with a crime.

"Our legislation would deal with the guy that sold it to him," state Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, chairman of the judiciary committee, said of the case in Middletown. "My position, and many of my colleagues share this, is that any responsible gun owner will know where their firearm is at any time, and the failure to report the loss or theft should constitute criminal neglect."

It is not clear at this point where Roy obtained the weapons found in his Church Street home Friday. It is likely the state police gun trafficking task force will assist Middletown police in the investigation, state police said.

Members of the Middletown police SWAT team, detectives, patrol and narcotics officers conducted surveillance Friday night on Roy at his home and another property at 23 Hotchkiss St., which he also owns but is under construction.

Police arrested Roy at the Hotchkiss Street address about 8 p.m. Friday. Search and seizure warrants were conducted on both of Roy's properties later in the evening and on Saturday.

Along with the 90 marijuana plants, heating lamps, weighing scales, packaging materials and other paraphernalia were found in the Church Street home. Cocaine was also seized there.

Roy was being held at the Middletown Police Department with bail set at $500,000. He is scheduled to appear today in Superior Court in Middletown.

Contact Tracy Gordon Fox at

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The "Teflon Badge"

Hartford Connecticut Police Officer Robert Lawlor aka "The Teflon Badge"

Are White Officers that execute blacks in Connecticut able to get away with murder? The past policy seems to be for the prosecutor to purposely botch a criminal case involving an officer, so the racist officer skates on appeal.

Should an officer such as Lawlor, a White, shoot Blacks in the back, and then post his picture in front of a badge and an American Flag asking for donations on a website?

[click here for more]

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