Monday, December 17, 2007

The Connecticut Judicial Branch Scam on Americans

a judge in 2005 issued a prejudgment remedy freezing up to $20 million of Peter Tauck's assets to pay for attorneys' fees and other expenses. Abery-Wetstone, who has stated during the case that Peter Tauck could not have downloaded the questionable images, Thursday dissolved that prejudgment order and restored his access to those remaining assets, which now amount to about $4.5 million. [click here for more]

Eminent Domain is a National Precedent out of Connecticut's Corruptikourts. This is typical abuse and the ruining of America's heritage and small business bolstered economy:

Note: video has no audio for first 10 seconds or so.

The Connecticut Judicial Branch Scam, A Survey

The survey results put out by the Connecticut Judicial Branch, hid the hostile working environment, judicial misconduct, the defrauding of taxpayers, the obstruction of justice, the racketeering, jury tampering, and the abuse of citizens that is occurring out of "The Branch", two whistle blowing insiders let the cat out of the bag:

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[click here] Connecticut is being sued for 38 Billion over ADA violations


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