Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yale University's Lyme Disease Scam

Comment in a Hartford Courant Forum:
Steven_G_Erickson wrote:

The artwork displayed at Yale depicting the "Good Ole Slaving Days" was only recently taken down because of public outrage, not because Yale authorities thought it inappropriate on their own.
Yale, police authorities, and the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services must also run an international spying ring. Lisa Masterson of London, a mother, and scientist connected the dots on Yale's and Big Pharma's Lyme Disease testing and treatment scam. Her computer in London was hacked into by the Dept. of Administrative Services in Connecticut. Lisa kids were taken after her door was kicked in by police and she was whisked off to a mental hospital.
Kathleen Dickson of Stonington CT came up with the same assertions of the Yale scam. She was thrown in a mental hospital and had her kids taken away after having exposed the scam, listed as an expert witness to the FDA, having Lymerix, a dangerous, ineffective drug off the market. It looks like Yale and Connecticut authorities retaliated for being embarrassed and losing millions in their scam.
Fraud by the numbers, Yale exposed:

I have seen articles on the Lyme vaccine. I know she accused Yale of producing a bad vaccine and later it was taken off of the market. Yale claimed no one was interested in the vaccine so they removed it from the shelf, but I also know about the individuals that became sick after getting this vaccine.

The thing I found weird is Kathleen's probation. She was arrested for harassment and whatever else. She was arrested and held on a $49,000 cash only bond then locked in the Whiting Forensic Hospital for 8 months and realeased after she agreed to a plea deal.

The conditions of her special probation were that she could not FAX any Federal, State or Local government agencies and could not post anything negative about the government on the Internet without consent from her probation officer.

Judge Patrick Clifford in New Britain agreed to reduced her probation by 12 months back in Nov 2005 if she agreed to stop faxing the government about Lyme disease. Her defense attorney tried to tell her she was going to be arrested for faxing the government because her probation prohibited it.

She requested a hearing to resolve her probation issues and her defense attorney at first wasn't even going to show up in court.

They violated her constituional rights to due process and it looks like perhaps someone in Yale helped railroad her.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We know about Eric Traub and the Yale cover-up. The Lymn Vacine activated Borrelia in the infected patients. Or? Did it start the downward sprial of this horrible syndrome. To deny patients the treatment that works for them is a national embarrassment. Seems strange to me that every infectious disease doctor that the Army referred me to stated that they did not treat Lyme Disease. Yet their article of Oct. 3 in the New England Journal of Medicine is now denying patients their rightful treatment by doctors that are studying this disease and offering our lives back. I am in my 17th year and only when I started the IV treatment did I come back to me. Never have had an e-mail from any of the spineless out there that are affraid to admit they are doing a grave injustice to millions of infected patients.

Sun Dec 30, 02:37:00 AM 2007  

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