Friday, September 12, 2008

Fatherlessness USA

There is a Fatherlessness Commission meeting Sept. 17 at the LOB in Hartford Connecticut. The above video is about what I would like them to study. We all have our individual stories, all should be told for the betterment of all children.

If there are others who want to submit a 3 minute video to me, or maybe I will meet with you and shoot video of your story. We come from all walks of life. Children shouldn't have either parent pushed out of their lives due to bad official policis. Elected officials who aren't currently acting in our best interest, should be. We can demand that they do, together.

-Steven G. Erickson

Why would a government and police officers protect drug dealers, prostitutes, and other criminals above downtown home and small business owners? [Answer]

A post on asking why lying lawyers are liars. [here]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some of the topics I laid out to bring to the meeting. We need to meet tonight or tomorrow to prepare.

Fatherless Committee

1. The System is set up to break up and tear down families and eliminate fathers

i. No oversight of judicial branch, judges judge judges and lawyers, lawyers judge lawyers and judges. Conflict of interest, Pro se parties are on their own.

ii. Lawyers making money off conflict

iii. Judges have no oversight and conflicts of interest with lawyers

iv. Prosecutors working with judges

v. Family relations working with judges

vi. DCF focus on fathers

vii. DCF ignorance and bias, poor training unskilled reporters, reports

viii. Police, state Cops lie, bias against fathers

ix. Kids Attorneys make money from conflict

x. GAL making money from conflict

xi. Legislators leave you hanging

xii. Governor does nothing

xiii. System sets up cases as adversarial, like criminal court

xiv. Mother free to do what ever she wans

xv. Family members who are denied access and parents who are helping alienation

2. Media bias against fathers

2. Post office add shows mother and daughter as abuse victims

3. Juicy Juice, Skippy peanut butter for moms, exclude dads

5. Fathers portrayedd as abusive to women and children

6. Quantas Airlines prohibit men sitting with children

3. No agencies, commissions for fathers, men, perm. Commissions on men, what ever women have men should have

4. Federal incentives on support, welfare, charter oak insurance, restraining and protective orders promote bias against fathers

5. Conflicts of interest

1. Sen. Kissel bring presents to Enfield court, practicing lawyer

2. Solomon picking Dr. he has personal contact

3. Dr. Mantel – mercenaries

4. Ira – Kaplan’s clerk

5. Oberg – Kaplan partner

6. State paid mercenaries – side with state or don’t get appointed

6. other cases of blatant abuse

1. John Croom – Mother arrested 4X and gets custody

2. Ken, kids left with grandmother felon for alienating grandparent

3. My kids left with drug addict

7. Studies you know of

1. Domestic violence – mothers are more abusive to men and children

i. Single families military moms child abuse increases

2. Harm to children

i. Increased rate of drop outs abusers, abuse victims

ii. Court and mothers are teaching children that fathers are worthless beyond paycheck

3. Harm to fathers

i. Loss of identity

ii. False allegation of abuse

iii. Loss of work

iv. Financial devastation

v. Loss of house

8. harm to state

1. financial loss from impact of jobless homeless fathers

2. bankruptcy

3. Harm to entire paternal family

4. Violence, vandalism, crimes, theft – columbine

5. Displaced workers, hiding money and assets to combat corruption

6. Passports, tax returns, denied travel, business

7. No consistency in a family life for children seeing parents, for parents controlling finances – majority of parents are actively involved

8. Additional cost to businesses of managing payroll, support, insurance

9. Cost burden on the state of false allegations , conflict divorce, school system, emotional and psychologic harm, police, courts, state paid attny, gal

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