Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prostitution Sting Nabs Five In Manchester

Elna Marcano

Krystal Cardello

[Picture and Name, Snipped]

Monica Collins-Saatci

Terri Henderson

BY CHRISTINE DEMPSEY | Hartford Courant Staff Writer
11:40 AM EDT, September 29, 2008

MANCHESTER (Connecticut) - Five area women who advertised their availability for sex on the Internet were arrested on prostitution charges over the weekend.

The "john" they met at a local hotel turned out to be an undercover cop, police said.

Elna Marcano, 21, of Spruce Street in Manchester; Krystal Cardello, 20, of Burnbrook Road in East Hartford and [name snipped], [age snipped], of [street snipped]., Hartford each was charged prostitution during Friday's sting, Lt. Chris Davis said in a press release this morning.

Also arrested on prostitution charges was Monica Collins-Saatci, 23, of Mather Street in Hartford and Terri Henderson, 24, of Garden Street in Hartford.

The women advertised on Craig's List that they were offering their services in the Manchester area, Davis said. The undercover officer contacted the women individually and made arrangements to meet each one, separately, at a hotel in town, Davis said. Once each woman offered sexual services for a fee, police moved in to make the arrest, he said.

The women didn't know each other, he said.

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Madison, CT, 3rd shift police were too busy sleeping with prostitutes to answer calls. Taxpayers spend millions for protection and service. What are they really paying for? [story and video]

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[click here] for "Did NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer pay $2600 to get laid?"

[click here] for "Whore Master or New York Governor?"

Average people are hauled away in handcuffs if they are Johns or prostitutes. Spitzer made sure Johns and those in prostitution rings were maximally prosecuted. So, will he get Spitzer style prosecution for his "John" activities?

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Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Spitzer got together to go after companies for bid rigging and other alleged crimes. Blumenthal seems to have bid rigging skeletons in his closet giving former law partners millions in no-bid contracts. [story]

One of the alleged Connecticut Kingpins of the Judencia, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

If the "pillow biting" and "mattress scratching" rumors are true about Blumenthal, you probably won't read about any prostitution scandals involving Blumenthal ... or maybe not any female ones ...

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