Saturday, October 04, 2008

Our Tax Dollars at Work?

Rosa Sadler of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, area claims PA State Police Officer Anthony Suber, said to be 6'4 and 300 lbs, in incidents from about 6 years ago, beat her, dragged her with his police car, etc. She lives in fear, fears going outside, moves around, and is suffering from PTSD.

Ms. Sadler claims that police internal affairs and the courts have failed, both civilly and criminally to address this alleged Pennsylvania State Trooper misconduct, brutality, and domestic assaults. If there is no one to make complaints about this to that will remove and punish officers for breaking the law, there should be.

If police officers can get away with doing this to their wives and girlfriends and remain police officers, are any of us safe?

If Internal Affairs won't adequately take this type of complaint, shouldn't we be able to bring evidence to an independent grand jury located at courthouses? They could vote to have allegations and/or evidence privately investigated, to have indictments go forward to prosecutions. We need a Private Attorney bill passed into law bolstering our Grand Jury system. [more]

A State's Attorney General is supposed to defend a state when sued. So they aren't the "public's lawyer". [more]

PA Attorney General Tom Corbett [contact page]

Text that I typed in his email form:
"Should PA State Police officers be able to beat women and drag them with their cars? Rosa Sadler is making allegations against Trooper Suber. Would you like more information?"


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