Friday, January 09, 2009

Law Enforcement wants YOUR stimulus package

I found the above [here]

I was listening to Vermont Public radio this morning.

It looks like police unions nationwide want to grab what they can. Police don’t stimulate the economy. Police with unlimited budgets and no accountability are more abusive and freedom robbing than are under-funded police.

A bedroom community can spend millions on its police force and the 3rd shift can be too busy sleeping with prostitutes and socializing with drug dealers to answer citizen calls, and others can be too busy dealing drugs, stealing cash, and shaking down rival drug dealers during the day. [story] I believe DARE is a scam [OpEd piece]

Citizens who question police budgets and want accountability of officers can suffer the fate of Ritt Goldstein, being terrorized out of the US to seek political asylum in another country. [story]

Law Enforcement and a just Judicial System are necessary for a civilized society.

I disagree with writing blank checks and giving up freedom for “safety”.

Too much money is spent trying to fine us, confiscate our cash, assets, property and children, and too much money is spent imprisoning too many of us. [story]

What ever money that is “given out” WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY IT BACK.

“Just say no”, to a US Police State.

-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

Is GEICO automobile insurance just a scam? [more]


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