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Is Connecticut more corrupt officially than Louisiana?

The State of Louisiana has a reputation for having corrupt officials, corrupt police, police brutality, kangaroo courts, and Organized Crime figures ruling behind the scenes. In actuality the Mafia that is the State of Connecticut might dole out more abuse on the world than the power structure in Louisiana could ever dream of. The Police misconduct in the State of Connecticut is legendary. So is judicial, attorney, official, and prosecutorial misconduct.

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DiBella photo [found here], stolen from investmentfraud.com

Connecticut story:

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William A. DiBella Gets Re-Elected As MDC Chairman

By JON LENDER and EDMUND H. MAHONY The Hartford Courant

January 5, 2010

Former state Senate Majority Leader William A. DiBella won re-election Monday night as chairman of Hartford's powerful regional water and sewer agency — even as federal regulators intensified efforts to make him pay about $800,000 in penalties and interest relating to a sham fee on a state pension investment arranged by convicted state Treasurer Paul Silvester.

DiBella, a Democrat, won his fourth consecutive two-year term in the unsalaried but influential post, defeating Republican board member Allen Hoffman of West Hartford. His re-election came in a near-party-line vote of the Metropolitan District Commission's governing board, 19-10.

It was the third effort by Republicans to remove him since 2007, when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission convinced a civil jury in federal court that DiBella's $374,500 fee 11 years ago from a company that won a pension-investment contract was tainted by a "fraudulent investment scheme."

Republicans said Monday that the most recent evidence of DiBella's unfitness for the high post were: a Nov. 25 decision by the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, upholding the penalties imposed after the jury's 2007 finding; and an SEC motion seeking to have DiBella held in contempt.

Republican MDC member Jeffrey Wright said that, after "a decade of corruption" in Connecticut, the MDC board ought to start "on the first business day of the new decade" by dumping DiBella. Wright, who is also mayor of Newington, said he considered the federal motion for contempt to be "a criminal issue."

Before the meeting, Wright said DiBella's "checkered past of corruption" is inappropriate now that the MDC has begun a $2 billion sewer improvement program that will last more than a decade.

DiBella, a longtime legislator from Hartford, was never charged criminally in the Silvester investment case and long has insisted his controversial fee was legitimate.

In an interview earlier Monday, he said that the judge in the recent SEC case declined to order that he not serve in corporate or public positions such as the MDC. He added if any of his critics "can point out what I have been doing [at the MDC] that hasn't been working" or is wrong, he would like to hear it.

DiBella and his supporters on the board said the MDC is so well run that it has rolled back its rates for customers to 2007 levels and has maintained a top bond rating.

He called the SEC case and jury verdict "a civil matter" more than a decade old. After Monday's vote, he disputed Wright's claim that there is anything "criminal" about a civil contempt motion. Asked about that, Wright said he's not a lawyer, but "if you've got a chance to go to jail [for contempt], that's not good."

DiBella said lawyers for him and the government are negotiating terms for him to pay his penalties and interest soon, and he expects the court proceedings to conclude. "We had our day in court, and now we're going to pay," he said.

He did not say exactly when, but, asked earlier in the day if it would be within a couple of months, he said, "Oh, yeah."

The MDC has combined annual operating and capital budgets of $230 million a year. It provides water and sewer service to its member towns: Bloomfield, East Hartford, Hartford, Newington, Rocky Hill, West Hartford, Wethersfield and Windsor. It also supplies treated water to Glastonbury, East Granby, the Unionville section of Farmington, Portland, and parts of South Windsor and Farmington.

The SEC has moved in court to impose sanctions against DiBella, including possible incarceration, arguing that he has "willfully disobeyed" a court order to pay the judgment arising from securities law violations connected with the pension investment fee. With interest, the sum could approach $1 million.

The SEC filed a related complaint in late December accusing DiBella of fraudulently transferring income and assets to his wife, Donna, in an effort to defeat government efforts to collect the money. In that complaint, the SEC seeks to seize hundreds of thousands of dollars it says DiBella began transferring to his wife even before the 2007 verdict in U.S. District Court in New Haven.

In 2005 and 2006, the SEC says in its fraud complaint, more than $400,000 jointly held by the DiBellas in an investment account was transferred to the sole control of Donna DiBella. After the verdict, between 2008 and 2009, the SEC says, DiBella transferred at least $500,000 more to his wife's control — earnings from his partnership interests in a Hartford parking business and a political lobbying firm.

The SEC has asked that DiBella be found in civil contempt of a March 2008 final order compelling him to pay the SEC. Senior U.S. District Judge Ellen B. Burns has indicted she will schedule a hearing on the contempt motion but has not set a date. A contempt finding could expose DiBella to a variety of sanctions, including incarceration.

DiBella's lawyer, James Wade, declined to discuss the SEC allegations or the contempt issue. But in a related legal filing in December, DiBella said he hadn't settled with the government because he was appealing. He lost the appeal in November.

DiBella denies making any fraudulent transfers and said all payments to his wife were valid for money she either loaned or invested. He also denies SEC allegations that he has not been "diligent" in trying to settle and claims that he "offered to agree to the placement of a lien" against an Old Saybrook marina he partially owns. He says the SEC declined.

In his legal filing, DiBella said he plans to sell his 18 percent interest in the marina to satisfy the SEC judgment, but "in view of the present economic conditions, the sale of said interest cannot be done immediately."

DiBella says in the filing that business income was properly transferred to his wife because of loans he received from his wife or because of direct investments she made in the businesses.

In his legal filings, DiBella denies "that he has willfully disobeyed this court's final judgment and denies that he has not been diligent in attempting to comply with said order ..."

But the SEC countered: "As the evidence suggests, DiBella has been energetic and diligent in transferring his assets to his wife in an effort to avoid paying the final judgment."

Copyright © 2010, The Hartford Courant

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From thegetjusticecoalition.blogspot.com:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Police Recruits: young, armed, dangerous, horny

New recruits figure out they can get away with almost anything as long as they don't break ranks. That feeling of "anything goes" lasts entire police careers.


The State Police in many, or most, states are White and Male. Connecticut is no exception, and might just show what is most wrong with our nation's policing.

Connecticut State Police Academy Graduation


If women are raped, especially in downtown area, officers can threaten the victims with arrest for making a "false statement", if officers are too lazy to do an actual investigation. When officers rape, assault, rob, murder, and are responsible for murders and mayhem, officers aren't even investigated. [video of hearing testimony]

Bill Collins, the former mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut, talks about officers wearing ski masks abducting citizens to beat them at waterfront warehouses, officers throwing beer bottles on his porch, vandalizing his house, and putting up police union stickers on his vehicles and house. [video of official testimony]

In Connecticut, the State Police have a "100 Club", where an officer belongs to the special club, and can go on golf outings, if he has more than 100 driving while drunk, or impaired, arrests (DUI, DWI, OUI). [info on 100 club]

A false arrest can land a citizen in prison. It can mean job, home, and family loss. Taxes being paid in by an individual stop, and he, or she, is now a burden on taxpayers based on a false report, false arrest, lies to be part of a club!

A prison sentence can mean a citizen is ruined for life, never trusting authorities again. Maybe the citizen will never support a family, be productive, or even pay taxes, ever again. All over "fun in a club".

If police will lie, falsify and manufacture evidence to arrest citizens for driving while drunk and for drugs, they will alter and fix ANY case. If police, police themselves, police aren't policed.

A campaign manager for the rival party's governor choice, can mean being placed on the secret police "Enemies List". Kenneth Krayeske, also a journalist was placed on "the list", and arrested on sight. [story]

Connecticut State Police Colonel Lynch was allegedly asked to change an official police report. The heirs of Neil Esposito, wanted the millions of Neil's money. Esposito and been died driving drunk and Heather Specyalski was allegedly performing oral sex on him at the time of the crash. I assume there was evidence of this as Heather was in coma for months following the accident. [story]

So, if an important doner to former Republican Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland requests an official State Police investigation be changed, orders from the top will see that it will. These "law enforcement" can't be trusted when they come up with DNA and other lab results when they can just alter official reports. They're willing to put an innocent woman in prison for manslaughter at the request of the rich and powerful.

If a police officer breaks ranks with other officers by actually protecting and serving the public, caring about the law, he can get felony arrested and his sons can be hauled out of his house to be beaten at the State Police HQ. For police to retaliate against police who break ranks, the courts ALSO, have to be rigged. [story]

Judicial Branch employees can blow the whistle on judges and judicial managers rigging cases, racketeering, obstructing justice, nepotism, bid rigging, the altering of court hard drives, retaliation, and felonies committed. The "public comment" will then be sealed and the "mouthy" employees will be retaliated against. [CT Judicial Branch whistle blower video]

Every citizen who I know who has proposed Civilian Oversight of Police has been terrorized out of the state, into silence, and/or is falsely arrested and imprisoned. Richard "Ritt" Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee assembling international experts on the subject and victims of Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality. Ritt fled to Sweden seeking political asylum, so terrorized by police after making [this video].

Police use state registered confidential informants to kill, beat up, and terrorize citizens making misconduct complaints. [video of an informant under oath]

The police misconduct only gets worse with each passing year. There is more technology, more money, more of them, and less and less oversight and accountability. We have "Black Water"-style policing inside the US. God help us all ...

My beefs can be found in "Faces of a Police State".

-Steven G. Erickson

[links to police, attorney, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct stories]

[video, witness to the basics of police retaliation]

Take action -- click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:
[pass Private Atty Gen. bill in US Judiciary Cmmt]

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers

I am a freelance cameraman, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right.

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Are Connecticut officers too busy sleeping with prostitutes, organizing criminal gangs, and breaking laws to protect and serve the public. The below video shows all too typical behavior of Connecticut Police Officers. Many continue to cover for each other, and less than 1% of police misconduct complaints in the state of Connecticut actually get investigated.

[CT] Officer Durgin abused database, other crimes - fired

Do you want to score heroin or crack cocaine, find a prostitute, do you want to have someone killed or beaten up? Well, in Connecticut, your needs are close and easy, just having cash on you, and knowing which cop to ask and there you go.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do you want to score drugs?

Lt. William White (Photo: New Haven Register)

Well, Connecticut cops might have the strongest drugs at the best prices. Want to score "jail bait"? Again you might want to ask a Connecticut Police Officer. There are a greater percentage of good officers, why are they so often silent?

New Haven police officers arrested

[click here for piece]

(New Haven-WTNH) _ At least five people, including two New Haven police officers, were arrested Tuesday. The charges include conspiracy and theft of government funds, and bribery.

The officers are identified as Lt. Billy White, Sr., the head of the department's Narcotics Division, and Det. Justin Kasperzyk.

"I'm disguested, I'm upset, frustrated," New Haven Police Chief Francisco Ortiz said.

White is accused of theft of government funds and conspiracy. In an afternoon court appearance, the FBI said they have video and audio evidence of White that was taken during a sting operation.

The officers are accused in part of taking money from drug scenes. In one piece of evidence, prosecutors showed a picture of someone they say is White holding a bag that contained $27,000 in cash.

Kasperzyk was charged with a misdemeanor crime of stealing less than $1,000.

Authorities say their investigation also led them to Jacobs Bondsman, a New Haven bail bonds business.

The three bondsmen face bribery and conspiracy charges. They are identified as Robert Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, and Philip Jacobs. They are accused of bribing White and other police officers to recapture fugitives who disappeared while on bond.

Both officers were put on administrative leave by Chief Ortiz, and an internal affairs investigation has been launched.

"There's a presumption here of innocence, but from what I've seen and what I hear and my experience tells me, um, folks ought to have known better."

A federal magistrate judge ordered White to undergo a psychological exam after learning that White made statements to police after his arrest indicating he might harm himself.

White is due back in Hartford federal court tomorrow for a hearing on whether he should be detained.

FBI Spokeswoman Marybeth Miklos says White has been with the New Haven Police dept. for about 30 years. His home was searched as part of the investigation.

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, who was in Washington D.C., said in a news release, "We are attempting to learn more about the charges, and will be fully cooperating with the investigation," said DeStefano.

DeStefano said he's been in contact with Ortiz, and will hold a news conference about the arrests at 9:30 tonight.

[click here] for above story told at CTnewsjunkie blog
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The Connecticut State Trooper Gene Pool?

keywords: Connecticut State Police misconduct brutality Judicial Peter Coukos Barbara Sattel Colonel Thomas "The Duck Davoren Attorney Michael H. Agranoff weasel Stafford Springs Enfield Somers Somersville Hartford Stamford Norwalk Wethersfield West East Judge Jonathan Kaplan Rockville Superior Court [more]

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[click here] for post called, "Taxpayer Paid Liars, Cheats, and Thugs"

[click here] for post called, "End of America"

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To be this brazen ...

one would have to suspect that cops running child prostitution and exploitation rings might be more common than can be imagined.

Pa. trooper protected child prostitution ring, feds say
Wednesday, March 12, 2008

HARRISBURG -- A former Pennsylvania state trooper tipped off pimps who ran a child prostitution ring in exchange for money and sex, federal prosecutors said today in announcing charges against him.

Kevin J. Coleman, 42, of Harrisburg, was accused of interfering with a nationwide investigation into a ring that used women and teenagers as prostitutes. He was accused of disclosing investigative details, wiretaps and police sweeps.

Prosecutors said Mr. Coleman was assigned to anti-prostitution patrols at the Gables Truck Stop near Harrisburg when pimps -- many from Toledo, Ohio -- were operating there.

The federal investigation known as Precious Cargo led to the conviction of 14 pimps and two lead prostitutes, all awaiting sentencing.

Mr. Coleman resigned as a state trooper after learning he was under investigation, prosecutors said. It could not immediately be determined if he has a lawyer.

The federal indictment in December 2005 that broke up the ring described it as a "loose confederacy" where pimps worked together to avoid police and run their business. The women and girls were moved from state to state and "sold" between pimps.

At least nine were under age 18 when they were forced into working as prostitutes, authorities said, and in one case a 12-year-old girl was forced to engage in prostitution to pay for her grandfather's crack cocaine.

The pimps were indicted in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan, and the investigation was considered one of the largest coordinated efforts to break up child prostitution rings in the United States.

Investigators said they identified at least 125 women who worked as prostitutes for the ring in the Harrisburg area.

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the below [found here]

Connecticut, Proud Mafioso Hub

Is Henry Hill the Next Padma Lakshmi?

is%20henry%20hill%20the%20next%20padma%20lakshmi.jpgWatch out Top Chef, there's a new kitchen-centric reality show in the works featuring former mobster, Goodfellas muse, government witness, and chronic alcoholic Henry Hill (seen here displaying some of the "art" he's been selling on E-Bay). Several postings on Craigslist reveal that prospective line and prep cooks, bartenders, servers, hostesses, and chefs at Hill's "Wiseguy's" restaurant in New Haven must be, "willing to be part of a new reality show scheduled to start shooting during opening of restaurant." The show (and the restaurant) don't seem to be getting off to a great start since, as of August 10, they were still looking for an executive chef. Applicants were invited to visit the restaurant at their leisure, but the ad warned that the "location is under construction. So please come in, make your way to the back office." Perhaps Joe Pesci will come out of retirement to ask the staff if he "seems funny" to them.

The above [found here]

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Connecticut State Senators, Mafia trash haulers, and unexplained cash (bribes)
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The inner spider web of unions, retaliation, public and other corruption, and how the court system is a Mafia of dirty dealers, listen to what an insider has to say:

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