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Domestic Violence & Kangaroo Courts

Robin Shapiro testifies Feb. 17, 2010. More info: http://starkravingviking.blogspot.com...

In America, women stalked, terrorized, raped, and murdered by men get investigated with more attention if the woman is White, has money, and is attractive. Judges and police can then play "Daddy".

The Habeas Corpus debate raged in Connecticut. Should citizens and non-citizens be barred from challenging their illegal detentions and malicious prosecutions? That was part of the public debate that this video is an excerpt from.

Judges, police, prosecutors, legislators, and attorneys pretty much police themselves in the US. Mostly attorneys can sit on a Legislative Judiciary Committee. These lawyers make their money in the Judicial Branch under Judges. Judges are the monarchs of their pay and power. So minions of the Judicial Branch pretend to serve the people in the Legislative Branch. There is not supposed to be co-mingling of the branches. There is supposed to be separation of power.

Whistle blowers are toasted by the system.

There are hours of testimony in videos here:
If you look for nuggets, the courts are racist, rigged, and law enforcement is about retaliation more so than about justice or criminal correction. I am sending the above link to the Washington DC FBI and US Department of Justice for review. If a judge commits perjury to remain judge another 8 years, he or she should not be given a free pass by legislators. He, or she, should be arrested and prosecuted. Legislators and lawyers who are complicit, should also face arrest and prosecution.

-Steven G. Erickson

Although the abuse is highlighted and exposed in Connecticut, it is a national problem in America. What can be gotten away with in Connecticut is gotten away with in the rest of the country. If such judicial abuse was so prevalent, there would be no worldwide Depression, major banking scandals, and two US Wars of Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan:

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[CT] Officer Hebert 3rd arrest for domestic-related crimes

Text with video:
Police Officer Arrested For Third Time
Officer On Unpaid Leave, Pending Disciplinary Hearings
February 19, 2008

WINSTEAD, Connecticut -- A Winsted police officer has been arrested three times in the past three months for separate incidents. For the third time, Torrington police officer, Robert Hebert, 33, has been accused of getting violent or out of control. Hebert's last arrest occurred on Saturday. Winsted police said Hebert has been placed on unpaid leave, pending disciplinary hearings, involving a number of different internal policy violations. Officials said the first incident took place in November, when Hebert was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon and breach of peace stemming from threats he made against his wife, with whom he is in the middle of divorce proceedings, according to court documents.
Is this typical police misconduct and brutality in the State of Connecticut?

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Raw Video: Cop Crashes Into Car Killing 2 Teens, Nov. 2009 upload:

Text with video:
Police have released a videotape of a June police cruiser crash that killed two Connecticut teens. The officer was driving 94 miles per hour and was not on an emergency call. He's been charged with manslaughter. (Nov. 18)

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3 cops, 3 towns, 3 arrests

Text with video:
Police from 3 towns and cities in Connecticut have been arrested in separate incidents.

A Connecticut police officer has been charged with sexual assault and...[Aug. '09]

Text with video:
A Connecticut police officer has been charged with sexual assault and placed on administrative leave for allegedly posing as his twin brother to have sex with a woman. (Aug. 24)

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Listen to what is said in video. It has long been rumored that judges, judicial managers, police officers, and Government Union Goon leaders tell legislators what they are allowed to legislate, and what not to. We live in an Organized Crime, Union, Police State! Is Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher as big a woman hating racist as Arthur L. Spada is alleged to be?

Diversity in State Police Personnel Practices [March 2009 upload]

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Victim on Secret Police Enemies List

Text with video:
More info, CLICK HERE:

Steven G. Erickson interviews Stephen Murzin May 22, 2006, about being stabbed 13 times and then arrested when he woke up in the hospital.

Felon on probation, David J. Taylor, wasn't even violated on probation for almost killing 3 people.

Should police officers suck as James Nardella and Scott Thomas get away with paying $10,000 to Connecticut State Register Police Confidential Informants to beat people up, set people up for arrests,and even kill people?

Phillip Inkel was also a victim of police misconduct. Todd Vashon played a role.

Connecticut State Police misconduct is legendary, they shouldn't have a secret "Enemies List" to go after and ruin citizens.

Do we live in a free country, or what?

Police Brutality US Marine gets beaten by Connecticut Police his brother gets beaten by Troop K Connecticut State Police

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Ex-Wife of Police Officer Lets Loose

Text with video:
Ex-Wife of Police Officer Lets Loose. Cathy Ellison talks about ex-husband in East Haven Connecticut, domestic assault, police misconduct, DCF women getting drunk with police officers, drug use of police etc.

This phone interview gets best towards the middle and end.

The East Haven mayor was allegedly caught by police using drugs and police helped cover it up.

Cops allegedly getting drunk with female DCF workers in bars passing out baggies of pot.

East Haven Police Officers were allegedly to drunk and high on drugs to return cruisers to the next shift.

White officers target minorities to keep them out of another primarily "White Only" town.

Police retaliate against landlords that don't want prostitutes living off them for free, video:


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Steven G. Erickson liveleak.com videos:


Blogger Jeremy said...

March is Police Brutality Appreciation Month

Let the police know you appreciate their hard work by honking loudly, whenever you drive by a police station or police man on the side of the road. The police like knowing the public is aware of them.

They especially like it when they don't know who is honking at them; it becomes a fun guessing game! Try to honk only when you're in a group of cars, or when you've just passed around a corner.

Tue Feb 23, 07:06:00 AM 2010  

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