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Friends of Mine, NASA, Exploration, and Higher Functioning

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7 years later since this documentary do we have real aspirations to return to Space? In your comments I'd like to know WHAT HAPPENED?????
Francis C. P. Knize

Doc write-up:

At this important time in Space Development I felt it was essential to reach out for a perspective from the public and essential personalities involved in the future of space. As a documentarian, this project has fallen into my hands through the graces of the heavens. I did this project on spec, did not know what to expect, and wonderfully it resulted to be something much greater. As the audience emerges into the content, it becomes very informative about how the government, public, and industry must create a "Culture of Space ". The documentary with its many cuts and interesting transitions, through done on no budget with its accomplishment in touching all of the essential issues; is a commentary-based project.

Many space development industries and animators have contributed their high-quality simulations and graphics, Pat Rawlings has donated his amazing animations which are laced throughout the work.

VIP's INTERVIEWED: Buzz Aldrin, Hugh Downs, Rusty Schweikart, Dr. James Garvin and Dr. Steven Squyres (Mars Rover), Dr. Robert Zubrin, many others.

Francis C. P. Knize Producer/Director 203 544 9603

ISDC 2005; A Vision For Space P2 Is Space Exploration dead?

ISDC 2005; A Vision For Space P3 Is Space Exploration dead?



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