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The Condition of US Mass Transit

The below video has nothing to do with this post, I just like AC/DC, just because they came out as I started high school. At least that is when I became aware of them ...

AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top Live 1976
Australia,February 1976 Bon Scott

Steven G. Erickson's Mass Transit Video, uploaded to

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What I wrote below, in Oped, is bound to get some attention. Well, maybe the host of "Hot for Words" was a little over the top to place in the post and that will get attention, but I did a little experiment. What gets attention, and what does not? That is the experiment.
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Embedded text in video:
Mill Section, Center of Town, Nashua New Hampshire Jan. 31, 2012

Nashua, NH, to Lowell, Mass, to Boston, to NYC. The US Train, Bus, & Subway System

US factories are either shells not used, are being torn down, or are turned into condos/apartments

So, what “value” to the world is the US now manufacturing?

Small Family Farm Barns rot and fall down all over the US

Orange rind, Cranberry Pancakes, $5.25

Got breakfast here

Caught 15 min car ride from Nashua to Lowell Train Station

$6.75 fare to North Station Boston $2 two stop fare to South Station to catch Bus to NYC

Bus Fare was over $40 to buy at station $10 to $15 by printing ticket out buying it online a couple days prior

I got around the former USSR and Europe more easily in the 1990’s than here in US now

The train and bus system was more impressive in the former USSR than is now in US

This is the general health of the US

North Station, Boston

Down into the subway

The rest of the world makes a comparison of the US to their country riding the rails

South Station, Bus station is next building away

Financial District, Boston

New York City Port Authority Bus Station
4 block walk, or subway ride to Grand Central Station

Lots of Armed US Military Patrolling stations and streets

I’ve seen drills where 100’s of police and military just show up and block streets and stations

What kind of rotted, failing, old riveted iron is hidden behind cement?

Is this safe to do to 100 year old, or so, iron?

Wow, a brand new train into Connecticut

Times Square

* * * *

Quit my job, on the road from Brattleboro, Vermont:
(Mute the sound if you don't want to hear background music)

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P.S. I used a Cannon internet video camera for most of my video uploads. I use a tripod with the professional High Definition Cameras. I do know how to use professional mikes, and use them on pro shoots. I worked as a PA on the sequel to "The Offspring" called "The Woman" shot at Turners Falls High School and on a Greenfield Mass Farm, Fall before last. So, this is what I look like when I am on a pro shoot:

[Text with video, and video source] Francis C. P. Knize shot this footage of me and Phil Donahue.



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