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Police supporting drug dealers, prostitutes, criminals, taking property

Bob Bertrand of Florida is a well known judicial reform advocate. The Florida Bar ran into Bob Bertrand and didn't fare so well. Lawyers should not legislate. Judges should be accountable for their actions. We the people should have representative government. We should not be under siege in our own homes.

Police should not be furthering the gains of drug dealers, prostitutes, organized crime, to further public corruption. Citizens who get in the way of police organized crime should not have their marriages broken up, to lose their home, investment properties, small business, and the sum total of their life's work to be railroaded to prison.

I know all about that from my personal experiences of getting in the way of Connecticut State Police organized crime, prostitution, vandalism, revenue collection, asset confiscation, and retaliation against "Big Mouth" citizens in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. [That story with my mugshot]

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Francis C. P. Knize interviews Bob Bertrand, raw footage, Jan. 2012


A 2 min 48 sec clip of the above video uploaded on

Police Scamming Property furthering Prostitution, Arresting Honest Citizens

Text with video:
Police are responsible for policing themselves in the US, mostly. They get perks from offshore corporations, banks, and since they are already turned by organized crime they further the aims of pimps for prostitution, can act as look outs during robberies, rape women with immunity, beat people up, have police informants kill citizens who complain about police brutality and misconduct especially in the State of Connecticut, but also in Florida and many other states. [click here] for the full interview, more information, and links.

Rental properties, hotels, and motels, and be scammed away from their rightful owners by organized crime police, kangaroo courts, and elected officials who are bribed by all the outside criminals, organized crime, drug cartels, their banker friends, and the offshore corporate owners who want to enslave, abuse, rip us all off, and confine, torture, or kill us if we get in the way.

Francis C. P. Knize interviews Bob Bertrand, a well known judicial reform advocate. Video clip edited and uploaded by Steven G. Erickson. [The mission]


The reason I, Steven G. Erickson, blog, and my mission, scroll down in [this post]


A Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective, Rich Murzin, allegedly arrested a Mafia cocaine and heroin trafficker against his Hartford PD Captain's wishes. So, Rich was felony arrested for the gas he used taking his allowed time for lunch, a common, okay practice. His two sons were kidnapped from his home, brought to Connecticut State Police Troop K HQ and beaten up. Ian, was allegedly choked out, choked to death by the Connecticut State Police, and then revived. Stephen Murzin, a US Marine, home on leave, was allegedly target for death by the Connecticut State Police after being arrested for reporting police misconduct.

One police informant got cold feat after being given $10,000 cash to kill Stephen Murzin. That ended up on the news in the State of Connecticut. Clip available in link, just below. A 2nd Murder-for-Hire Police Informant, a felon on probation, stabbed Stephen Murzin 13 times along with stabbing 2 other people. A Connecticut judge found no reason for violating the felon who attempted to murder Stephen Murzin. Steve Murzin was arrested in the hospital when he woke up handcuffed for causing a disturbance while being stabbed. He faced 6 months in prison for "this offense". Rich Murzin has passed away, never seeing justice for his family.


[click here] for:

When Moral Outrage turns to Action

Mike Nowacki takes on Corrupticut and Korrupt Kourts.




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