Tuesday, January 24, 2012

US Policing we pay for, the Actual Policing We Get

Old VW bus image [found here]

We the people of the USA pay for a top luxury car with all the bells and whistles when it comes to policing and the courts. When we pay for the absolute top shelf, what we get is an almost broken down VW bus. It will barely do the job, and it is what the international corporate and banker owned US Government is willing to get for us. They reserve the luxury car with all the bells and whistles for themselves. Dare we complain, with the NDAA, Military Detention Act, we can be secretly whisked out of our homes in the middle of the night, have our citizenship revoked with a backroom official signature, be tortured, even removed from the US to be tortured elsewhere, secretly confined, or even murdered with no official explanation, hearing, or US laws broken in doing this to citizens.

If the US is being run internationally by a bunch of corporate and banker owners, we the people are paying away our future, and all American's futures, to be occupied by organized criminals. The Occupy Wall St. OWS, movement gets it. Do you?

I was asked to be a police informant to lie to ruin small business, help the police levy fines, confiscate property, break up families, and take guns away from law abiding citizens. I refused to break laws for police and be part of their racketeering, drug dealing, prostitution, and other schemes in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. In my book, the only terrorists who I have met and who destroyed my life on purpose were the Connecticut State Police.

My story with mugshot:

stevengerickson AT Yahoo Dot Com


Salem, Massachusetts, Street Scenes

Text with video:
Will the maker of this video be subject to rendition, torture, secret detention, and then being murdered for producing videos that support small business, the self-employed, free thinking, and Free Speech? Well with the signing of the NDAA by Obama on Dec. 31, 2011, where Military Detention indefinitely with no hearing, no reasons given, and no release date is the law of the land. Torture is legal, if performed by US contractors, anywhere in the world. This video would not be available for view with the passage of internet censorship efforts like SOPA and PIPA. Let's fight back by distributing DVDs hand to hand, just in case, AND continue uploading protest videos here on liveleak.com.

I intend on starting a national movement to video various US state residents pissing on portraits of any officials who voted for the NDAA and who vote for internet censorship, making a video of it and uploading it. Make the staff of politicians who voted for the NDAA about the videos. So a politician can then see what their constituents think of them and there actions. I intend on doing two so far. The first one will be me pissing on Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman's printed picture of his face. The second will be on Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy.

International corporate and banker interests would just as soon bulldoze all the history, old houses, and shops in Salem, Massachusetts, and like communities, worldwide, to set up luxury condos for the rich, and make the world look like a Strip Mall of corporate chain stores. View this video and see what we need to preserve, and please understand why we must all fight back, right now. This video to be embedded as a blog post on [this blog].

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Preserving Halloween HQ and the War on Cupcakes


stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

My mugshot and video:

My picture from Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List obtained through Freedom of Information Act:

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A blog that I follow, read, like the pictures. I always agree with Kenny, but he brings up interesting points for debate. He posts cool videos too:



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