Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oklahoma City and Sandyhook, ATF false flags?

Oklahoma City was most likely a false flag. The ATF was to get its budget cut, then came the bombing. Any officials who talked seeing charges being planted inside the building were killed. [link and video]

What is the Hillary and Bill Clinton body count in covering up their cocaine trafficking ring?: [link and video]

If Barack Obama and Eric Holder were somehow involved in the ATF plot called, "Fast and Furious" to attack the Second Amendment where anywhere from 400 people, to thousands died, then Holder and Obama are guilty of being accessories to murder and other crimes. Tax dollars were used to get legal guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs. So, was Sandyhook schoolyard shooting just the most bang for the buck if the government killed just 20 kids to end the 2nd Amendment?: [link and videos]

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[click here] for:

Getting US Public used to Military Machine Gun fire over roads?


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The Government and Mainstream Media painted Sovereign Citizens as Terrorists. If police will murder citizens and then make it look like they were the culprits who shot at cops, anything is possible. What it the truth? What are lies? You decide.

"Fast and Furious" ATF Cop Murders Cover-up?

Text with video:

Were Jerry Kane and his 16 year old son Joey murdered by SWAT to cover
up for the ATF "Fast and Furious" gun running program where Mexican Drug
Gangs got guns for the US Government could attack American's Right to
bear arms, the 2nd Amendment?

Were they murdered to make the Sovereign Citizens Movement look like domestic terrorists.

ABC News Nightline is allegedly about skewing the news and international corporate owner and banker propaganda: http://www.opednews.com/Diary/ABC-News-paints-upset-US-C-by-Steven-G-Erickson...

Steven G. Erickson interviews Bob Hurt of Tampa, Florida

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ALERT - Classified Military Drills In Miami / Houston

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ALERT - Classified Military Drills In Miami / Houston

Classified Military Drills Conducted In Miami

Twice in the past week, Miami residents have been treated to the nighttime sound of Blackhawk helicopters thundering between downtown Miami skyscrapers.

Federal authorities say that Special Operations military units in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security and Miami-Dade County law enforcement officers conducted two ‘military’ drills special operations drills this week. The statement said that, ‘the drills were a part of a joint emergency preparedness exercise.’

The statement added that the remaining purposes of the drills are ‘classified’.


Classified Military Drills In Miami (Video Report)
http://youtu.be/fOgaotH6uDk (Skip To 1Min 30Sec)

Military Drill Scares Residents In Houston

Military Drill Scares Residents In Houston (Video Report)

DHS To Purchase 7000 Assault Weapons

DHS To Purchase 7000 Assault Weapons (Backup Link 1)

DHS To Purchase 7000 Assault Weapons (Backup Link 2)

Emanuel Pressures Banks Over Gun Manufacturers

Emanuel Pressures Banks Over Gun Manufacturers (Video Report)

Emanuel Says "You Have No Rights If You're On Our List"

Nebraska Lawmakers To Limit Drone Use

Milwaukee Sheriff Tells Residents To Arm Up

United States Sheriffs Against Tyranny

The End Of America By Naomi Wolf (Lecture)

Wake Up Call (Full Movie)


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