Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I believe Sandy Hook Shooting was a Set Up

The below was placed as comment in this piece.

Whitey Bulger, the FBI, Mass State Police were all in bed together. The Mafia, the FBI, and the State Police would commit murders and then blame innocent citizens. It happened and it went on for years. People who got in the way got killed. What is the body count in the Clintons Arkansas drug ring? [Corbett Report]

The book, "Squeal" by Les Coleman tells how various Mafia, the Connecticut State Police, FBI, members of the courts, and government do murder for hire, gambling rackets, prostitution, extortion, loan sharking, drug running, and sex slavery. Hartford Jai-Lai was where you could hire police to commit murders. The Florida State Police would allegedly follow Connecticut State Police officers around Florida to make sure they did not commit crimes. There is a 168 page report on the Connecticut State Police when they were put on probation. Over 200 armed officers descended on the Judiciary Committee legislators and started yelling and acting like Jr. High students saying how they abuse each other whining.

An high ranking officer drove drunk the wrong way in Massachusetts for miles on the highway causing a major accident. Murder/suicides of Connecticut State Police Officers is an embarrassment. A trooper flying a helicopter made threats to blow up aircraft at the airport and kill officers and remained flying. Lying, committing perjury, and manufacturing evidence has made the Connecticut State Police famous. When aren't they lying and being complete douchebags? Yes, I believe Sandy Hook was a set up.


There were reports that the .223 Bushmaster rifle was left in the car, then it wasn't. So which is it. The alleged shooter was a problem the day before. So, he was buzzed in the next day or the door was unlocked, really?

Was there a mask or bullet proof vest involved. Why are there no photographs or video of the shooter or of any of the victims? An event was predicted to occur right when it did.

The Department of Administrative Services and the Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit are allowed to break laws, manufacture evidence, frame people, assault, terrorize, and even murder citizens according to insiders. Two divorced women, Kathleen Dickson and Lisa Masterson, both scientists and mothers, one in Connecticut, the other near London. Both informed on the Lyme Disease scam of treatment and testing costing Yale University, Glaxo Smith Kline, Baxter and others possibly more than a billion in lost revenue. One was listed an expert witness by the FDA. CT State Police and CT Admin Services saw to it both women were seized, put in mental hospitals, and their kids taken away in retaliation. A dangerous drug and escaped bio-weapons warfare exposed.

US Attorney, then Connecticut State Police Commissioner, now Judge John A. Danaher III allowed Tomas Foral at the height of the Anthrax Hoax to get secret probation and have his case erased after being in possession of a large amount of military grade Anthrax at the time of the Anthrax deaths. Is that fishy? 


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