Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

We have been played. The old game of Republican against Democrat, Conservative against Liberal is a farce. It is a European style football game. The fans go at each other as the owners rake in the profits. It is a show.

Goblins hide in caves. That strategy has fallen apart. But, it lasted long enough so that international bankers have their US UN troops on American streets to claim the property they have stolen. They can sell our eyeballs, organs, and our blood on the open market. We are that big of fools.

The head of the CIA can put any American on the torture and kill list and no one will do anything that matters to stop it. The CIA is a cabal of international bankers and corporate pirates. They dictate to Obama. To them he is an unspoken joke.

Mr. Reich, you can use big words and make it look like it is some big math equation and a few criminals acting alone, but we have been pissed on and then been told it is raining. We the people can figure out that simple math.

The above text was placed as a comment in this Opednews.com article


Dirty bombs of radioactive material are B.S. as they really aren't viable. The US and those who could be actually considered terrorists would agree.

Anthrax is really just a hoax. Big Pharma was lobbying so all of us would have to get Anthrax vaccinations. I glad they were not able to pull that scam off.

We the people, are stupid enough, that we all put up with this, including me.

Every documentary producer and writer has his, or her, own agenda. Don't believe even one word of the below, but see how you can be manipulated. I agree with a good portion of what is presented.


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