Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Decent People are out there

I went to a Mobil Gas Station near a semi-rotary in Malden, Massachusetts this past Sunday. I spent the last of my paper money to buy $25 of gas. John, the clerk, without my asking, offered me a cup of coffee after talking to me a bit.

He asked if I was going home to watch the game. I did not seem excited. He said from my response that I must not be a sports fan.

I talked about not being allowed to watch sports with my father. I was told I was being lazy for watching television with me. So, I never became a sports fan.

John, said I came out well even though my childhood was not the best. I agree. I will get gas in that Malden gas station just to go in to talk to John. That is if I don't have to sell my vehicle and providing I get some sort of work and pay.

I have prospects so I have no big worries yet. 

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