Wednesday, September 27, 2006

George W. Bush wants permission to be a complete asshole

Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispers in Bush's ear 9-11-01, Sarasota, Florida. Was the whisper, "The Country has no idea, we did it, good job pookie"?

George W. Bush wants permission to be a complete asshole

If the President of the United States can have someone, anyone, including Americans, secretly arrested, secretly held, and secretly tortured they will. The stuff this “American” President is demanding for himself is very scary.

Before 9-11 I owned 3 properties and had a contracting business for over 20 years and was looking at early retirement, putting my daughter through college, and living a comfortable life.

The Connecticut Sheriffs were being arrested and tormented by the Connecticut State Police because there was a rivalry for funds and power. The Connecticut newspapers and other media expounded the party line. I later found out that editors are contacted and reporters can lose their jobs or worse for reporting the truth.

I didn’t want heroin and crack cocaine being sold near or on my front lawn. I didn’t want teens drinking all hours, smashing my windows. Connecticut State Police refused to do anything and police seemed to have a “business” relationship with the teen hookers, drug dealers, and common criminal parasites. Kids were unnecessarily dying and racism is unofficial policy keeping American Apartheid alive.

I wrote my opinions in newspapers and I went to elected officials to seek remedy. I proposed that the courts be accessible and fair for everyone and that police have Civilian Oversight, not just collect revenue for the state, but to act in the Public’s best interest.

Connecticut State Police Officers threatened me with arrest if I did not shut my mouth and leave the State. I was then falsely arrested and a rigged trial orchestrated by a judge I had been trying to remove for bias in Small Claims cases and a prosecutor, “That doesn’t serve landlords”, held a kangaroo trial.

Both Presidents, Bush, referred to the former Governor of Connecticut as “Johnny”.

“Johnny” and his friends had dreams of Pediatric Prisons dancing their heads to go national with their Kiddie Max Prisons, Jails for Kids, nightmare.

I was arrested after an attempted mugging of myself on my darkened property. The felon was given immunity after stalking me, threatening my life, and trying to rob me for my having defended myself with pepper spray. I went to prison, losing everything.

With Bush’s resolution passed, W’s corrupt buddies like John G. Rowland, could be immune from prosecution, and now if I would be just whisked away and never heard from again if Bush gets his way.

Bush has got his way.

It is not pretty.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

A Jonny has questions for Bush


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