Sunday, December 23, 2007

Connecticut is wasteful with Tax Dollars

Officials in Connecticut aren't required to be efficient, frugal, honest, nor are they required to actually serve the public's best interest!

Taxpayers money going out the window-story by Erin Cox

From WTNH Channel 8 News Connecticut

Payoffs, bribes, organized crime, police and judicial misconduct, obstructing justice, contract steering, bid rigging, legislative scams, and defrauding federal and state taxpayers, are probably all evident in the Adriaen's Landing Scam.

Final Phase of Adriaen's Landing Complex Unveiled - story by Mark Davis

It would be nice if the Feds investigated this Hartford, Connecticut, project. It would probably paint a true picture of what is really going on across the state if the real story were told.

3 Eggs, Toast, Homefries $2.50

[click here] for story to go with above picture

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J. Edgar Hoover, the US Supreme Court, and the Ku Klux Klan


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