Saturday, February 16, 2013

CCTV Camera Destruction Protest "Camover"

It sucks to be spied on.

Prior to 9/11, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, was allegedly a "Test City".

How would you like a cop out in your driveway asking you about what you and your spouse talked "privately" the night before over a candlelit dinner? Is it any of his business?

How would you like some grossly overweight, seemingly retarded cop who lives with his mother trolling your internet use, listening in on your private conversations inside your house, and whatever you talk about? How would you like cops to show up every time you meet your friends or want to go to a social gathering? How would you like 2 police cruisers following you around wherever you went? How would you like a police officer to hang out with you while you get your car fixed, go to the bathroom, and make purchases shopping? I don't have to imagine. [I speak about that here] or word search Steven G. Erickson.

I don't condone the destruction of private or public property. But I can't say that I am upset that citizens are protesting the Police State, Domestic Spying, and an out of control government with their destroying CCTV cameras as part of their game, "Camover".

stevengerickson At

Text with below video:

"Camover" - a new reality game/protest against CCTV
Apparently this new game called Camover is part of a movement against the growing big brother surveillance of Germans in Berlin and it's spreading across the globe. The contest consists of organized "brigades" destroying as many CCTV cameras as possible and documenting it online. Extra points are given for creativity of execution. To join you must assemble a team quickly, because the game ends on 02-19-13. There is no prize for winning, except for the satisfaction of giving the system a black eye.

What we have around my area besides CCTV is red light cameras, which people are just outraged about. Those cameras did not reduce any intersection accidents and forced innocent people to pay crazy fines while the economy is collapsing and people struggle to make ends meet. I'd like to see those cameras destroyed, doesn't have to be flashy or creative.


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