Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Joining the World Government & UN taking over internet?

If Obama has bowed to the UN, and is a UN official, and the US is now part of the world government, and so is the entire world. If no one is offering any resistance why do we need to spend so much on military and on drone bombing all over the world? Who agrees with the UN deciding who, what, and why with the internet?

The UN is really just a front for criminal international bankers and corporation pirates.

Has everyone gone insane?

Why is no one literally out on the street screaming about this?

Obama is literally a piece of shit wrapped in cloth.

Is there a US military, really? We are now world government. So, troops are for population reduction. We pay taxes to be abused, robbed, raped, indefinitely detained, tortured, and murdered.

Aren't we so smart?

Wave the flag.

You will no longer be able to use cash. You will not be allowed to trade or transact with neighbors. You will do as your told by any high official or suffer. When punched, beaten, or kicked by an official, ask "May I have another?"


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